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Dolphins Comeback Falls Short (Again): Lose To Steelers

Well, I have no idea what to say about this one.

This game pretty much summed up the whole Dolphins season this year.

From injuries, to costly interceptions, to even early defensive breakdowns. The 2009 Miami Dolphins season was summed up with a Week 17 game, that was all about pride for the Dolphins.

In a game where both Chad Henne, and Pat White went down with varying injuries, the Dolphins found themselves in the game up until Tyler Thigpens last interception.

Chad Henne threw for 140 yards in one half, one touchdown and one interception, in one half of work. Pat White then came in to relieve Henne, who suffered an eye injury, and a hit that caused blurred vision.

White then came in, and did the only thing that he can do in this league. Run the ball. The only times White passed, he threw  incompletions.

White then suffered what many believe is a concussion, after taking this hit:

White was taken to a local hospital after being carted off the field. Fortunately, White was able to move his legs and hands, and now has motion in all of his extremities.

After White suffered his injury, emergency quarterback Tyler Thigpen entered the game to take control of the Dolphins reigns.

Thigpen looked to be leading the Dolphins to a comeback. After the Dolphins defense shut the Steelers offense down on consecutive drives, Thigpen threw a 34 yard touchdown pass to Davone Bess, to cut the Steelers lead down to three points.

Then, when Steelers quarterback Ben Roethliberger fumbled the ball, which placed the Dolphins in field goal range to tie the game, the comeback looked to be almost complete.

But then suddenly, almost as quick as we climbed back into the game, Thigpen took them out of it. A bad decision in throwing the ball into double coverage, to Ted Ginn, was intercepted. The Steelers then drove down the field to score a field goal, to force the Dolphins to score a touchdown to win the game.

The Dolphins got the ball back with 40 seconds left, but only to have Thigpen throw one more interception, to put the game away.

The Dolphins ran the ball 25 times, and scored only one touchdown, on a Brian Hartline reverse from 24 yards out. Ricky Williams amassed 31 yards on 12 carries. Lex Hilliard rushed for 9 yards on one carry.

What continues to befuddle me is the lack of interest in running the ball. That is what this Dolphins team is built around, and they seemed to ignore the run game the whole game.

When Hilliard gets 9 yards on one carry, normally the Dolphins would go right back to him the very next play, but now I do not even recognize these Fins.

They transformed from a team known for running the ball, to a team with no identity. The Dolphins have no deep threat. They really have no weapons for young Chad Henne. They refuse to run the ball. So what should our Dolphins be known as?

We went undefeated last year in December because of our run game. This year, we strayed away from that strategy, and we all saw what happened because of it. The team fell apart, and often found themselves in early holes because they could not execute on offense.

Granted, because of these early deficits, the Dolphins are forced to pass the ball, but not at the rate that they are passing. Today the Dolphins passed 30 times, and ran 25 times. They lost the battle of ball possession, 32:09 to 27:51.

The Dolphins are not the Dolphins team that at one point only had to win one game to take control of their own destiny to get into the playoffs. They are now a mystery team going into next year, and even though we all know what missing pieces the Dolphins need to fill, this game still leaves fans with tons of questions surrounding this team.

Perhaps the only tidbit of information is that this team never gives up. But like in this game, the Dolphins are just outmatched talent wise. They have solid players, and players that have certain strengths, but what it comes down to is that the Dolphins simply do not have enough star-power to even have a chance at the Super-Bowl.

The way I look at this season is this:

Chad Henne gained some massive game experience, as well as Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, Brian Hartline, and Chris Clemons.

We have a young team that is on the way up.

But, the way we played some of our games, we showed glimpses of what kind of potential we have as a unit, and at some points in the season, we looked like a true playoff team. But for the most part, this team is not yet ready, and showed it this year in the month of December.

The Dolphins could not come up with the big plays when the pressure was on today, the same way that they could not all season long. Ben Roethlisberger threw for 220 yards, 3 touchdowns, on an 18/27 day.

More importantly, the Dolphins defense, which looked perfect all 4th quarter long, got dismantled come crunch time, and allowed Willie Parker to run all over them to waste precious time off the clock.

This game was all about consistency for the Dolphins, and this game showed like so many others have, what the Dolphins need to address this year in the offseason. This was a game that the Dolphins never gave up on, but I’m sorry to say that the better team won. This years schedule proved too much to overcome this year for the young Dolphins team.

I have a feeling that this team will come back better than ever for next year, and really prove their resilience.


Dolphins Lose Game After Terrible First Half

In a game that featured an embarrassing 1st half, blown calls by the refs, and the Dolphins looking like a Super Bowl team in the 2nd half, you would think that this game would be up for game of the week consideration!

Unfortunately, the Dolphins could come away with the win, in large part because of a Dolphins defense in the 1st half that gave up 27 straight points.

The Dolphins came surging back, answering with a field goal before the half.

The Dolphins then scored 17 unanswered points in the 2nd half to give the Texans a little bit of a scare.

The Dolphins ended up losing the game 27-20, but there was some uplifting moments in this game, that should be taken with the bad.

For one, I am concerned with the Dolphins coaching staff’ s continued trust in quarterback Chad Henne.

I can understand giving Henne the flexibility on some of the plays in the hurry up offense, and with the audibles, but what I am concerned of is the amount of passes that Henne is throwing during the game.

On Sunday, Henne threw for 322 yards, a touchdown, an interception, all the while completing 35/55 pass attempts in the game.

The Dolphins seem to be ignoring the one strength that they have in the run game. The Dolphins only ran the ball a total of 16 times for 60 yards and a touchdown.

Lex Hilliard registered that lone touchdown on his way to a career day.

Hilliard had 12 yards on 3 attempts and a touchdown, while he also came away with a receiving touchdown and 9 receptions for 74 yards.

While I do admire Henne’s ability to rifle the ball into tight spaces, he does have a lack of touch that results in a high amount of interceptions for the kid during the game. I have noticed that the more times Henne throws the ball, the more interceptions he has. So why not limit Henne to a certain amount of throws, and try to run the ball more often than they are at this point in time?

When Ricky Williams only gets the ball 10 times, you know something is wrong, and the coaching staff need to figure out what they are going to do.

Are they trying to save Ricky for next season? Do they feel that our running game is that much more ineffective because Ronnie Brown is hurt?

I don’t think so. Ricky Williams is a good running back in this league, and has rushed for over 1,000 yards in a season where he has split the duties with Ronnie Brown for most of the season.

So if you look at the first half, and Williams is only getting the ball 8 times, that is on the coaching staff to not try and utilize what should be one of the teams greatest strengths.

Instead, the coaching staff decided to rest their playoff hopes on a young quarterback who is still only in his first season as the Dolphins starting quarterback. There is no way that Henne should be throwing the ball 55 times in a game, and for this, I blame the coaching staff.

I do understand why Henne threw so much in the 2nd half. When a team is down 24 points going into the 2nd half, you throw the ball, or do whatever you can, to try and get back in the game. I am frustrated that our own coaching staff files away from our original gameplan of running the ball so often.

When did not run the ball in the 2nd half of the Saints game, we lost. We fail to run the ball as much in the Bills game, especially in the 2nd half, we lose after Henne throws a series of interceptions. Finally, we throw the ball 55 times against Houston and we lose again.

With the personnel that the Dolphins have, they cannot continue to throw the ball as much as they have. It is not fair to Henne, even though he wants the ball in his hands, to have him throw so many times in consecutive games.

While the Dolphins looked to be unorganized at times during yesterdays game, surprisingly, they were still in the game late in the game.

If it were not for two calls, both botched by the referees, the Dolphins might have come out of this one victorious.

On a drive around mid-field, the Texans running back received a pass from quarterback Matt Schaub, and took 4-5 steps, plus made a football move, and got upended by a Dolphins player. The ball squirted out in mid-air, and the Dolphins recovered around their own 40 yard line.

The play was ruled an incomplete pass, which according to the referee’s, is an unreviewable play.

The Dolphins did get the ball back, but at the 10 yard line. The Dolphins could have scored a touchdown with such good field position like that. But they didn’t and this play further proved that the refs are out to get the underdogs.

On another play, Chad Henne rolled out to one side of the field, and had Ted Ginn run a fly route on the complete opposite side of the field.

Ginn beat out double coverage, and caught a 63 yard strike for a touchdown from Henne that was called back with a late flag that was thrown for tripping on Lou Polite.

The flag did not get thrown until after the touchdown was in the books. Could this be any more evidence that the games are rigged?

The Dolphins played their hearts out in the 2nd half of the game, only to have their playoff hopes smashed yet again by the zebras.

Quick Notes:

  • I was impressed with the secondaries play in the 2nd half of the game. They seemed to bear down on their assignments, and shut down the Texans receiving corps after the 1st quarter.
  • Gibril Wilson needs to be shut down for the rest of the season, and regroup for next year. At this point right now he has no confidence in his abilities, and another off-season of practice in the free safety position will do a world of good for this guy.
  • The Dolphins only had one sack in yesterdays game, coming from Quentin Moses, a guy that I thought would be long gone by now.
  • You can now say that the Dolphins are pretty much out of the playoff race. Now they need to focus on what they need to improve on during the off-season. It’s pretty safe to say that general manager Jeff Ireland has his scouting staff all prepped for bowl season.

Dolphins Comeback Cut Short In 27-20 Loss To Texans

The Dolphins gave up 27 points in the first half, but somehow managed to come back to cut the Texans lead to 27-20 before the 4th quarter ended.

The Dolphins showed how many holes they need to fill in this somewhat embarrassing loss to the Texans, but they also showed how resilient they are. Quarterback Chad Henne brought this team back from the depths of hell to almost come away victorious if not for a couple of blown calls by the referee’s.

There will be more to come tomorrow in my usual game recap. Feel free to voice your opinions in the comments section!

Titans Send Dolphins Into Cardiac Arrest: Dolphins Lose 27-24

Ughh. Not again! The Dolphins streak of 6 straight wins under Tony Sparano in December was snapped today against the Tennessee Titans. The final score was 27-24, with the Titans getting the nod in overtime.

The story of the game in this one was the Dolphins giving up numerous big plays in the first 2 1/2 quarters.

Vontae Davis had somewhat of a disappointing game, going nothing but downhill after coming up with one of the craziest interceptions I have ever seen.

Davis gave up three touchdowns, two to Justin Gage, and one to Nate Washington.

More times than not, Davis found himself on an island, with no help coming from the free safety, Gibril “Smeagol” Wilson.

Smeagol is causing so much trouble for the Trifecta, and the fans as of now. Instead of just having the Dolphins going into the offseason worried about getting bona fide receivers, a homerun threat, and linebackers, the Dolphins now have to debate on whether or not they go out and get another free safety in this years draft.

I say we play Chris Clemons more, and see what he can do before this years draft comes and goes.

Our rookies are playing their hearts out back there, but are getting insufficient help from the safeties, which needs to change. Davis giving up those touchdowns on one-on-one coverage, was one of the chief reasons why the Dolphins lost this nail biter.

While the Dolphins secondary was getting lit up, the Titans secondary picked off three passes from Chad Henne.

Henne did set career highs in yardage today, throwing for 349, on 29/46 passing. Henne threw the game tying touchdown with less than 1:30 left to set up the tying two point conversion.

It may have been Henne who threw the what would be game clinching interception for the Titans, but please do not forget that it was also Henne who got us to overtime as well.

He may have registered 3 interceptions throughout the game, but we all have known for awhile now that Henne struggles with putting touch on his throws. Henne made all of the throws that he needed to make down the stretch, minus the interception.

Henne is our quarterback of the future, and the most help that we could give him right now is some time to develop, and some gametime experience, which he is getting now.

Henne got some help from Ricky Williams on the ground, who rushed for 80 yards on 19 carries, and a touchdown. Ricky also went over the 1000 yard mark early on in the 1st quarter as well, a milestone for a guy as “old” as Ricky.

Brian Hartline continues to impress me, as he makes gutsy play after gutsy play. There is no doubt in my mind that this kid from Ohio State will be a mainstay on the roster for a long time to come. Hartline finished the game with 2 receptions for 96 yards. Right now Hartline represents the only big play receiver that we have. Davone Bess, 4 catches for 58 yards, and Greg Camarillo, 5 for 46, are merely possession receivers.

The offensive line only gave up one sack the whole game, but the Titans were able to put enough pressure on Henne to force him to throw the ball before he wanted to, causing two interceptions. Jake Long, was tagged with a holding penalty, which was questionable, and Vernon Carey gave up the only sack.

Defensively, I was happy with the way our front seven played.

They limited Chris Johnson to only 104 yards on the ground, and 55 yards through the air. They did what they needed to do to stop this guy, which was not let him get to the second level, and it proved effective.

The Dolphins also held Vince Young to only 24 yards on the ground, which was a big factor in the game as well.

While both the offense and defense came alive mid-way through the 3rd, the refs also had a little left to say in the game as well.

The referee’s had many questionable calls down the stretch, whether it was penalties, or simply no-calls. Do not simply say that the refs had no impact on the game, because they did. In fact, I will go as far as to say that the refs cost the Dolphins the game!

After the third of Henne’s interceptions was thrown, Michael Griffin, the returnee, slid onto the ground to try and down the ball. Greg Camarillo came flying in to touch Griffin, thus to insure Griffin was really down. Camrillo hit Griffin a little too hard, but by no means full out tackled the guy.

Nevertheless, the zebras blew their whistle, and gave the Titans the ball on the 27, instead of the 42. That changed the game, and almost guaranteed the Titans the win barring a turnover.

“I was just told it was a late hit. There was no whistle, the man’s down, all his teammates are telling him to get up. I think he starts getting up. Either get him down or knock the ball out. Those are my intentions. It’s a physical game. It’s been a physical game the whole time. Trying to make a physical play. That’s what they called. That’s how it goes.”, Camarillo said.

Then, three plays later, on a 3rd and 12 play, Chris Johnson got stuffed at the line of scrimmage, for the third straight play, and immediately, all of the Dolphins swarmed around in to form a pile. Johnson was still moving the pile when all of a sudden, Jason Taylor emerged with the ball, running the other way. The replay showed that Taylor stripped the ball away from Johnson before the refs blew the whistle.

But, always in good form, the refs gave the ball back to the Titans, and never even reviewed the play. That play alone could have won the game for the Dolphins.

“I saw in the first half a couple of times when Ricky Williams was running the ball and it looked like we were playing rugby. They were tagging him for five, six, seven seconds and we quick whistle at the end of the game. the ball’s out. The game’s on the line. It was a quick whistle. The guy’s still running. He did it throughout the game, too. There were times when he was in the pile and kept driving his feet and was moving the pile or trying to bounce out of there. Anybody’s who’s watched Chris Johnson the last 15-16 weeks has seen him come out of those things. That’s why you keep playing. Kept clawing at the ball there. That obviously could have been a very big play.” JT said.

This game was simply too close to let the refs blow it like they did.

The Dolphins actually outplayed the Titans, outgaining the Titans in total yardage by104 yards! The Dolphins also held the ball for 34:23, 5:04 seconds longer than the Titans.

Plain and simple, the refs flexed their muscles today, and this Channing Crowder quote sums up the whole game:

“It’s hard enough to beat 11 Titans. You can’t beat 17 Titans.”

Despite the tough loss, the Dolphins still have an outside chance at the playoffs, and came away with some positives.

We now know that the Dolphins do need a legit wide receiver, and there is no better place to go address this need than through free agency. We also need some linebacker help, even though Jason Taylor stepped up big, and registered 6 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 tackle for loss.

Our linebackers are getting old, so an injection of youth can only help us. Jerry Hughes from TCU intrigues my scouting eye.

The Dolphins had some flaws in this game, and they also have some strengths. I’m proud of the Dolphins for coming back from 18 down to force an overtime. That showed me a lot about the grit, and mental toughness of our team. With the correct moves this off-season, and improvement from our young core players, the Dolphins could be one of the best teams in the AFC next year.

Let’s leave the referee’s go for now, unless you want to send in your complaints to the NFL? (Hint-hint, maybe that’s how I’ll spend some of my day tomorrow!)

Also, surprisingly, Dolphins fullback Lousaka Polite is not in the lead for the starting fullback for the AFC Pro-Bowl squad. Please go over to NFL.com and vote for this guy. He is truly the best fullback in the game right now, and we would not be where we are today without his tough running style. Let’s send our guy to the Pro-Bowl!


Dolphins Win Sloppy Game: Hopes Still Alive

This is one of those wins that you just want to forget.

Yes, the Dolphins got the win, 14-10, and showed the world that they can actually play defense in the fourth quarter, but in turn, also showed the spectators that the Dolphins still do have flaws.

Chad Henne performed outstanding again for the second straight week. Henne accumulated 20 yards over 21/29 passing. Henne also threw an interception late in the game to give the Jaguars a glimmer of hope. Henne ran for his first career touchdown as well for the Dolphins second touchdown of the day.

At one point in the game, Henne completed 17 straight passes, which tied Chad Penningtons record that was recorded over two games during last season.

After last weeks game, I was a little skeptical of Henne’s accuracy, but today he showed that he has the confidence to make every throw that has to be made.

Henne was zipping the ball all over the field, threading the needle, and placing the ball where there was no chance of the receivers dropping the ball.

Henne improved on some of his throws from last week, and even threw a nice deep ball to Davone Bess in the 2nd half that fell incomplete because Bess failed to put his hands out to catch the ball.

Besides many of the Dolphins second half drives stalling, Henne performed well under the playoff pressure.

Yes, I called this a playoff game today. Why is that? Because every game that we play for the rest of the season is against a team that has some chance of making the playoffs, and the Dolphins have to beat every single one of those teams to even get into the playoffs, plus get a little help.

Many of those unsuccessful drives were not because of Henne’s ineffectiveness. No, you see, the Dolphins faced a little bit of the fumbleitis today. Ricky Williams, who rushed for 108 yards and a touchdown on 28 carries, fumbled 3 times in the game, losing only one.

Bess also had 2 fumbles as well, and one was lost as well.

While the offense was busy fumbling the ball away, the defense was busy proving the critics wrong, for the second straight game now.

The Dolphins limited Maurice Jones-Drew to only 59 yards and a touchdown on 18 carries. MJD had little effect on the game at all. A big part of this was the play of Paul Solia. Solia has really matured over the course of the season, and his play over the next couple of games could impact whether the Dolphins need to go out and address the defensive tackle position or not. Solia had 4 tackles in the game, and made MJD his whipping boy.

In fact, the only big play that the Jags offense accumulated was a 63 yard hookup between David Garrard, and Torry Holt. Holt glimpsed to his right to cause Sean Smith to stutter, and Holt simply beat Gibril “Smeagol” Wilson to make the catch.

Speaking of good ol’ ” Smeagol”, this was the first game that he was burnt for a big play. It seems that Wilson is now settling into his role as the free safety, and the secondary is now becoming a unit, and in turn, becoming comfortable with each other, and gaining trust in their fellow members of the secondary unit.

Smeagol had 6 tackles in the game.

The defense as a unit performed superb today, a big part of that was their run defense. Many times, the Jaguars were forced to pass, but asked Garrard to scramble because of the Dolphins awesome coverage all game.

Joey Porter, and reggie Torbor came up with sacks in the game, and Cameron Wake again ended the game with a huge quarterback pressure, and this time, it resulted in a sack that caused the Jaguars, and their hopes at winning the game, to disappear.

Wake was oft seen bullrushing the offensive line, and looked to me to be dominating the Jags offensive line at times. Sure, he was not registering sacks, but he was causing Garrard to scramble out of the pocket, and make plays with his legs.

The Dolphins won the battle of the clock again today, holding the ball on offense for 35:06, to the Jags 24:54.

Player of the Game:


Brian Hartline: This kid went out and made every big catch that was asked of him. Sure, Henne may deserve this award as well, but Hartline was the one catching the ball that Henne threw. Hartline was making some tough catches out there, and it can be argued that if Henne would have thrown the same balls to someone like Ted Ginn, that those same throws would not have been caught. So Hartline gets this award for this week for his clutch catches all throughout the game to prolong some of the Dolphins drives.


Paul Solia: No other player on the defensive squad came up bigger than Solia. It was Solia who stuffed Jones-Drew time and time again, and it was Solia who helped the linebackers get the pressure that they got on Garrard. Solia’s service for this game was invaluable. He dominated MJD today, and the whole Jaguars offensive line.

Unsung Hero:

The Unsung Hero for this week is more of a unit than any one player. The defensive squad was the unit that won the game for the Dolphins today. The offense could not finish drives late in the game, opening the door for the Jaguars to mount a comebakc, but again and again they were denied by our stifling defense. This defense looked almost ready for some playoff caliber recognition. By that I mean they are almost ready to be known as one of the better all around units in the league. That is how good they looked today.


An Upset: Dolphins Win Close Game To Keep Playoff Hopes Alive

The New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins game was a lot of things, but one thing that it wasn’t was boring.

In a game that was flexed out of NBC’s primetime spot, it sure was maybe one of the best games of the day.

But this game also had a different tone to it as well.

Usually the the Dolphins run the ball more than they do pass, but today it was the other way around.

The Dolphins passed the ball in such a surprising fashion, that it seemed even the Patriots defense was in utter shock, which wouldn’t be the first time they felt that feeling against the Dolphins.

In a game where quarterback Chad Henne went 29/52 for 335 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception, that stat line would be the last thing you would expect to see.

In fact, some might say that Henne outdueled the man that usually is doing the outdueling in Tom Brady.

Brady may have had more overall yardage, but in the end, Henne got the win, and matched Brady pass for pass, and ended up with less mistakes.

The only factor of Henne’s game that bothered me was his inaccuracy, which can be fixed with time. Henne was often seen overthrowing open receivers, and looks as if he can only hit on certain passes.

But Henne seems to have the demeanor to get the Dolphins the all important “W”. He looks to have all of the tangibles, and as far as I’m concerned, as long as he becomes more accurate over time on the deep throws, then I’m fine.

What came as an even bigger surprise, Randy Moss was limited to 2 catches for 66 yards and a touchdown, something I can live with. Moss had NO momentum changing plays late in the game, and this shows that Vontae Davis is really coming along.

Davis had a crucial interception in the endzone to stop a touchdown throw that would have all but iced the game for the Patriots.

The only Patriot who really caused the Dolphins problems was former Dolphin Wes Welker, who had 10 catches for 167 yards and no touchdowns.

Vince Wilfork, who I said would be key to stopping if the Dolphins would win the game, only had two tackles, and Brandon Meriweather had the lone interception against Henne.

Overall the Dolphins impressed me today.

Last week Jason Taylor made a statement after the game telling people not to give up on them, and while most non-Dolfans wrote the Dolphins off, the Dolphins faithful have stayed behind their team, and showed it today.

The stadium was rocking, and while their were a rather good amount of Pats fans in the stands, the Dolphins fans gave their team the all important 12th man, and helped propel their team to victory.

Some of the things that you might not have noticed are also very impressive. The Dolphins only gave up one sack, and committed 2 penalties for only 10 yards.

The Dolphins also won the battle of ball control. The Dolphins had the ball for a grand total of 32:37, while the Pats only possessed the ball for 27:23.

Their were many stars for the Dolphins in todays game. Davone Bess dominated the Patriots defense, lighting them up for 10 catches, for 117 yards and a touchdown catch, his first of the year.

Rookie Brian Hartline also took care of business today, going for 4 receptions, for 41 yards and a touchdown. Hartline also had a huge impact on the special teams squad for the Dolphins, registering a couple of tackles to give the Dolphins some of the crucial momentum plays that Tony Sparano stresses.

The coaching staff had a somewhat successful day. Sparano managed the game well, and Dan Henning cut down on the questionable calls. I like what the coaches are instilling, I just think that some things need to be changed scheme wise to be more successful. Paul Pasqualoni made me proud today when he copied off of what the Saints did on Monday night, to limit the Patriots success in the passing game.

All in all, I was all around impressed with everything the Dolphins did today. Cameron Wake came up huge with a hurry on Brady to force a Channing Crowder career first interception to seal the game. Wake looked impressive in limited reps.

Let’s keep this up, and keep the momentum rolling into the next couple of weeks. Nothing would be better than to win the division again, and shut up all of our critics!


Dolphins (And Channing Crowder) Get It Done: Take Down Brady and the Pats, 22-21

This was completely unexpected, really. I mean, just a week ago, we just got killed by the Buffalo Bills. And now, here are the ‘Fins heading into a game that everyone is thinking they’re going to lose.

I mean, come on, it’s the Patriots! But as far as I have observed in the last few years, Miami always beats New England in at least one game. When they went from 2-7 to 9-7 in 2005, they got them 28-26. In 2007, well, that was just a bad year. In 2008, Ronnie Brown and the Wildcat trampled them, and now we head into this year, with the ‘Fins surprising New England.

Ever since that 35-34 loss to the Colts, they have gone towards a downward spiral. I like that. And the Pats are just one game ahead in the AFC East. The Jets and Miami are at 6-6. They’re in the hunt.

Chad Henne is evolving into the team’s quarterback of the future, and played a pretty good performance today. Channing Crowder sealed the deal with an interception, and I just loved the look on every player’s faces.

Crowder was there, having a wide grin. And there is Tom Brady, looking calm, but probably very pissed off on the inside. And then there is Wes Welker, just furious, and you could read his lips. And the words: Well, they weren’t so appropriate I should say.

I think Miami can pass New York easily. Come on, Mark Sanchez sucks. And then there’s Braylon Edwards, dropping every wide-open pass possible. Just imagine how good Miami would be if they still had Pennington or Brown back.

Yeah, they would lead the division. The Dolphins have a chance of making the playoffs for the second consecutive season. This win helps big. They’re in the hunt, but if they play hard, they can get this win.


—Josh Dhani