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  • Miami Dolphins 2010 Draft Picks

    * 28th - 1st Round- Jared Odrick
    * 40th- 2nd Round- Koa Misi
    * 73rd - 3rd Round- John Jerry
    * 119th - 4th Round-A.J. Edds
    * 145th - 5th Round-Nolan Carroll
    * 163rd - 5th Round-Reshad Jones
    * 212th - 7th Round-Chris McCoy
    * 252nd- 7th Round-Austin Spitler

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Words Of Wisdom From SI’s Peter King

Recently Playoff Bound Sports sat down with Sports Illustrated writer, Peter King. The draft was the main subject, as the draft was just recently concluded a couple of weeks ago. My first impressions of the Fins draft was not the best, but as I slowly researched these guys a little more, and saw their highlights and lowlights, I found that they all fit what the Dolphins want to do, and are all class act/high motor guys, something I have no problem with.

Without further ado, here is what King has to say:

Brant Houghton: What are some of your thoughts on the Dolphins draft?

Peter King:
From the start, it was apparent that Ireland/Parcells were intent on getting the second-round pick back that they lost in the deal for Brandon Marshall. They talked to the Eagles about moving down, then made the deal to pick up the 40th pick, then got the two positions that were most important to them at 28 and 40–the versatile 3-4 defensive end, Jared Odrick, and the rush linebacker, Koa Misi. That’s the most important thing they did.

BH: Which player do you expect to produce the most in the long run, and which player fits what the Dolphins want to do the best?

PK: Scouts I talked to really like Misi. I think he’s got a chance to be the kind of versatile outside rusher and run player Tony Sparano really wanted out of this draft.

BH: Do you feel that the Dolphins reached at all for some of their picks?

PK: Not that I saw. Odrick at 28 was a guy a lot of teams liked in the teens, and Misi went about where he should go.

BH: If you had a chance to pick one player that would fit in the Dolphins system, and they failed to pick, who would it be and why?

PK: Derrick Morgan. The organization liked him a lot, and I think he would have been the picks had they stayed at 12.

BH: What is your take on the Dolphins decision to move Randy Starks to nose tackle, do you think the Dolphins should still pursue a true nose tackle in the near future?

PK: Starks is the kind of space-eater who should do well in that role. He’s the best guy they could have put there, for now, but they’ll continue to look for a better fit there.

BH: Who was the Dolphins best, and worst pick in this years draft?

PK: Can’t tell you the worst. But I like the offensive lineman from Ole Miss. John Jerry’s got the requisite meanness and is very hard to push around. If they hit on him, he could be a 10-year starter.

BH: What is your prediction for this Dolphins team for this year after the draft has concluded?

PK: I like the Dolphins, but I don’t like the division. they’ve got to go at least 2-2 against the Jets and Patriots to have a good shot to win the AFC East, and so much of that depends on the maturity of Chad Henne an the ability of the coaches to squeeze one more good combo-platter season out of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.

From what it sounds like, King, and most of the scouts and people around the NFL are not as concerned with the Dolphins draft as myself. This consensus of mine is not just drawn from this interview, but from the multiple tapes, and reports I have watched/read on the Dolphins draftees, I can tell that our front office has their plans set in place, and it will be this years draft that will either solidify the Trifecta’s jobs, or throw them out the window. We would like to thank Peter King for the interview. If you don’t know where to read his stuff, check out the link, I guarantee you’ll love it!


Dolphins Draft Recap

The draft is now completed, and all of the picks are in. The process where teams now start to bid for all of the undrafted free agents has begun.

Another process that started yesterday as soon as the 2010 Draft ended was the grading period.

Normally, it is not quite fair to grade a draft until three years after that respective draft. But you can always grade a draft based on how your team drafted based on need, and what impact players they picked up.

This years draft for the Fins was a weird one. In fact, it may have been more disappointing for me than anything.

With the talent that was on the board when the Dolphins picked all eight times, it looked as if the Dolphins reached for 6-8 draft picks. The only picks that I consider either right on or a steal as far as a prospects draft status, are Jared Odrick in the first round, and Reshad Jones in the 5th.

Koa Misi, John Jerry, A.J. Edds, Nolan Carroll, Chris McCoy, Austin Spitler all in my mind were reaches for their respective rounds. Of course there are varying opinions, and various scouting reports on all of the above players, but in my opinion, I want to start off by saying that I think that they were all reaches based on the talent that was available on the board.

1st Round: To start things off with the first round, based on what we know now, there really was no need for a defensive end in the 1st round if we already had both Kendall Langford, and Philip Merling. Yes, Randy Starks was moving to nose tackle, and the Dolphins are switching to a hybrid form of the 3-4, but why go defensive end, when you could have had Jerry Hughes, another defensive end that we could have switched to outside linebacker. The Dolphins got a 2nd round pick out of the trade down to #28, and Odrick is a value pick at this point in the draft, and not as big of a disappointment because he is versatile and can get to the quarterback. But right off the bat, I feel the Dolphins could have filled more of a need at #28, than just go out and get another defensive end.

Grade: B- The pick does solidify the Dolphins defensive line as one of the best in the league now, but they also failed to address a bigger need at outside linebacker here.

2nd Round: Drafting outside linebacker Koa Misi with the 40th pick in the draft was also not as big of a reach as some of the mid-round picks, but with as high of a 2nd round pick as this is, there should still be some potentially great players on the board. Misi was not the best outside linebacker in the draft at this point, and he was definitely not the best pass rusher either. He does have a high motor, which always leaves the chance for a Pro-Bowler, but with Sergio Kindle on the board, or Tyrell Troup, or Terrence Cody even, I feel they could have addressed this pick a little differently, especially with Ricky Sapp not going until the 4th round.

Grade: C+ With the Fins needing a prolific and proven pass rusher to come on and aid Cameron Wake, the Dolphins got a player that did not prove that he can rush the passer with consistency in a weak college conference, against mediocre competition.

3rd Round: The Dolphins went with an offensive guard here in selecting John Jerry. This is where the frustration really started to hit home in the draft. The Dolphins did need another guard on the roster if they were planning to trade Justin Smiley, but in the end, after the Dolphins failed to trade Smiley, why was there even a need to draft a guard if Smiley was still on the roster? There really is no need to trade Smiley, and this was a reach based on need that the Dolphins forced on themselves. Jerry is a run mauler, something the Dolphins are lacking at guard, but Jerry will need to better himself in the pass rush before he can start.

Grade: C- The Dolphins forced this need on themselves by wanting to rid themselves of guard Justin Smiley, and could have spent this pick elsewhere, even if they wanted to go offense in the 3rd round. Jimmy Graham was still available when the Dolphins were on the clock, and that pick would have benefited the Fins more than this pick. Now the Dolphins will let go of Smiley, instead of trying to find a way to keep him on the roster. Jerry is a solid player, but I am not impressed with where the Dolphins spent this pick at all, again, with all of the different talent that was still on the board.

4th Round: The Dolphins traded one of their 6th round picks to go up and snag linebacker A.J. Edds. This may be the most exciting pick for me, as Edds is very good in coverage, is a converted tight end, and can play a little bit of long snapper as well. Edds will most likely start on 3rd downs in pass coverage right away, and will work his way up from the special teams as well. At this point in the draft, Ricky Sapp was off the board, but nose tackle Cam Thomas was still available here.

Grade: B This pick adds depth to a weak linebackers core after the starters. Edds is very versatile, has a high motor, and is impressive in all aspects of the game. He was reportedly on almost every teams draft board. The Dolphins could use a player like this, who reminds me like Zach Thomas, will do anything to get on the field.

5th Round: The Dolphins had two picks in the 5th round after everything was said and done. They used those picks to pick up Nolan Carroll, and Reshad Jones. Both have the potential to become contributors to the Dolphins, but they also have some potential to be busts as well. Carroll has been riddled by injuries his whole career, and will most likely fill in on special teams and possibly as the nickel back. He is a converted wide receiver, and his coverage skills are not the best, but if he stays healthy, he can help this team down the line in the future. Jones will try and find his niche on the team as a free safety first. He has the ballskills and the potential to do it, but because he is a big hitter, and hunts for the big hit, he is better skilled for the strong safety position, where I think he will end up at some point down the line.

Grade: B The Dolphins made up for the major reach of Carroll, by stealing Jones in the 5th round. Jones was viewed by many to go somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd rounds, and Carroll might not have been drafted because of his major injuries throughout his career. They both have potential, but the pick of Jones increases the grade for this round massively.

6th Round: The Dolphins traded away all of their 6th round picks in the draft to the Chargers (for linebacker Tim Dobbins), Cowboys (in the 4th round for A.J. Edds) and to the Chargers in the deal that swapped each teams first round picks.

7th Round: The Fins had two picks in the 7th round, and they used those on outside linebacker Chris McCoy and inside linebacker Austin Spitler. McCoy has the better potential out of the two, and Spitler will most likely be used as a special teams player if he makes the team at all.

Grade: C The Dolphins filled their roster depth with these picks, and are going to take their chances with McCoy who is a good pass rusher from a small school. He will be a project player, but will need to fight to secure his roster spot. Spitler will be a special teams player at best, and most likely will not make the final roster.

Final Grade: C+ The Dolphins filled their roster, and addressed some minor needs, but failed to address their major voids on the roster, (free safety and outside linebacker) by taking an impact player in the early rounds. I feel the Dolphins could have made much more out of their picks, and could have transformed their team into something more than a gang of solid players with a couple superstars. This draft was one of the deepest in a long time with as much star talent as it did, and the Fins front office failed to capitalize on that fact alone. I look at the mid-rounds as the rounds that were really questionable in my mind based on the players that were still available. In the 3rd, Morgan Burnett was more than available to snag with a trade, and after Burnett was taken off the board, they could have grabbed pass rusher Ricky Sapp as a fall back option. Instead they added depth with John Jerry. The Dolphins could have also taken a nose tackle in the 5th round in Cam Thomas, but instead went with a cornerback in Carroll. The Dolphins announced after the first round that Randy Starks would be the new nose tackle, but why not work with Thomas and have him as your project nose tackle for the future, after both Jason Ferguson and Paul Solia are gone (Solia most likely being let go if Thomas was drafted). The players that I mentioned would have made the Dolphins draft, and would have added some homerun potential to a more or less safe draft.

The term that I use for the 2010 draft is safe, as said above. The Dolphins found themselves time and time again in the perfect spot to grab a homerun pick, that would have filled a big time need, but passed every chance they got, and got the safe player that had high character, and was going to provide depth down the line. Half of the players that the Dolphins selected in this draft will be no more than depth at some point down the line because they lack in athletic ability, and I could easily see the Dolphins needing to upgrade the positions that they addressed in this draft, with more athletes in a couple years.

Keep in mind that I do not hate this draft. I just do not love it. I will still root for the team, I am just temporarily disappointed with some of the ways they went about their business during the draft.

Jeff Ireland’s Day 3 Press Conference Quotables

A few hours after Mr. Irrelevent, the last pick in the NFL, was called Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland went to the podium to discuss some of the happenings of Day 3 of the 2010 NFL Draft. Here are some of the highlights of his press conference:

  • Edds “will play inside linebacker. vision for him is very good coverage LB”
  • At Iowa covered TE’s and WRs in slot … core special teamer … “great kid, top character, excellent worker, very fast”
  • Edds “you’ll see him on 3rd down almost immediately. nickel LB”
  • “He’s a very good cover linebacker,” Ireland said. “He played kind of a different position for Iowa. He was really out in the slot a lot of times, so you see him out in coverage quite a bit versus tight ends, versus receivers.
  • “He’s big, he’s very fast for the position.”
  • Carroll , Md CB: “sub 4.4 guy, very fast, great burst, quick, big, physical.”
  • “He’s physical, some would say raw, but he’s got a lot of talent,” Ireland said. “His physique and athletic ability is certainly enough taking the kid (at pick No. 145).”
  • “That was the knock on him: durability. When he is healthy, he’s an excellent player”
  • Reshad Jones: “2 year starter, big kid, good kid, brought him to davie, coaches worked him out privately at GA, ton of talent”
  • Jones: “not all these kids are perfect … slow time getting going … highly recruited … needs to be more consistent in some aspects”of his play … you never know why these kids drop”
  • “Would say he’s going to line up at FS first. … great ball skills … good speed for position … big upside”
  • On free safety: “You guys are more concerned about it than I am, to be honest. Good young players there … I feel great about position now”
  • on moving corner to FS: “I probably would not bet on that”
  • McCoy: “weakside OLB … light came on this year for this kid … tons of talent … sub 4.7 guy … very quick, powerful, explosiveness”
  • “Really the light came on this year for this kid,” Ireland said. “Tons of talent. He’s very quick, he’s very powerful. He has explosiveness, plays with a great motor, a high-effort guy.
  • Spitler: “Top notch kid, captain on Ohio State team, core special teamer, very tough, just like the kid a lot”
  • On LBs: “Feel great about it. Going to be competitive positions there. Great depth there:
  • On Reggie Torbor: “On our team, nothing’s changed with Reggie. Going to compete for a position”
  • On team captains: “It’s something I evaluate pretty heavy. I like having good guys on the teamm. Get more out of them. Develop faster”
  • “When a guy’s a team captain and people are leaning on them to make decisions for their football team, that’s big for me”
  • “Ricky and Ronnie kind of in their last year … we’re aware of that”
  • On undrafted signings: “Very significant. You rely on those guys to fill your practice squad, to be developmental players”
  • “Probably just coincidence but you do like guys that have a track record … Most of these guys I’ve seen one year but 2 years”
  • On offseason as a whole: “I feel pretty good about it. Can go play nd be competitive. Think we’re a lot better team today than 2 months ago
  • “We’re younger, faster. I feel real good about it”
  • Some possible return options: Ryan Grice-Mullen …”That’s a position going to have to work through in camp and find out who those guys are”
  • On Justin Smiley: “I don’t know when that’s going to resolve itself. We’re still trying to play that out, so stay tuned.
  • On selecting almost all defensive players: “It’s kind of the way it unfolded,” he said. “We felt like we needed some defensive players and some guys on that side. It’s just kind of the way it unfolded. “We stuck to our board and went that way.”

Dolphins Conclude Draft With More Defense

After the Dolphins spend their 5th round pick on cornerback Nolan Carroll, they spent their remaining picks on defense as well, making them the 5th, 6th, and 7th defensive players selected by the Fins in the draft this year.

After trading back into the 5th round, the Dolphins managed to nab safety Reshad Jones, who was projected by most to be a 2nd-3rd round prospect.

Jones is expected to play some at free safety, but will end up at strong safety at some point in his career. Jones is more of a big hitter than a ballhawk, but because he misses too many tackles looking for the big hit. He has a reasonably high ceiling, but Bill Parcells mentioned to Michael Lombardi that they will still need a free safety to be the long term answer at starter.

With the Fins trading back into the 5th round, and trading their 6th round picks to various teams, (Chargers for Tim Dobbins, Cowboys for 4th round pick, and to the Chiefs) the Dolphins were left with no 6th round pick, and only two 7th round picks.

The Dolphins drafted a pair of linebackers in the 7th round, Chris McCoy, and Austin Spitler. McCoy will line up as a weakside linebacker, and Spitler will mostly be a special teams contributor, and will fight for some playing time at inside linebacker.

McCoy has the potential to become a decent pass rusher in this league, but Spitler will be no more than a special teams player at best, and will struggle to stick on the Fins roster for more than this year, if this year at all.

The Dolphins mostly stuck to drafting seniors in the draft, and most of the players that they drafted were “high character”, and were mostly captains of their respective teams.

I’ll have more on this years draft as a whole sometime tonight/tomorrow.

Jeff Ireland Quotables Day 2

In his draft wrapup press conference, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland revealed much more than the Dolphins new starting nose tackle.

To start things off, Ireland had a few comments on 2nd round draft pick, Koa Misi.

  • Misi is “tough as nails … versatility is the thing … good pass rusher… gets out of trouble … stays on his feet”
  • Misi “really like him in pass coverage. He’s tremendous.” … Also played ILB vs. Air Force … “great hands, quick hands”
  • Misi: “has a nice repertoire of tricks … not cameron wake in terms of outside speed, but very creative rusher”
  • Misi had 3 sacks vs. Alabama in the Sugar Bowl … “he terrorized that offense” … Ireland was at that game
  • Misi was 275 as DT soph year. 244 at senior bowl, up to 251 at pro day … “can put it on and keep it on or take it off.”

On 3rd round pick, John Jerry:

  • John Jerry will probably start out at left guard. Incognito “most comfortable at RG, don’t want to mess with that”
  • “Really big player .. he’s humongous, actually … projected to play guard for us … like him a lot … high character”
  • “Main thing that stands out with John Jerry is to see him move with people in front of him … big, powerful, run oriented guard”

On the Starks transition:

  • “He’s 305-310. He’s about where Fergie is. Fergie is boxier, lower”
  • “We’ve played Starks there last season a little bit. When he was in there he was very good. Body type to be a nose. Very powerful.”
  • Starks to nose determined a long time ago. Even talked about at Senior Bowl when they saw Odrick
  • “This has been talked about quite a bit .. in-house”

Loose Ends:

  • Said they had an interest in FS Morgan Burnett. “He was on our board, we liked him very much.”
  • Says would be comfortable with Culver and Clemons at FS.

The Dolphins draft is all starting to come together now with the announcement that Randy Starks will be making the transition to nose tackle. The Dolphins have drafted three versatile guys that can play more than one position on the field.

Tomorrow the draft will finish up with rounds 4-7 starting at 9 am eastern time.

Dolphins Make Picks To Fill Hybrid Defense

The first three rounds are finally completed, and the Dolphins have come away with 3 draft picks, and one wide receiver in Brandon Marshall. All considering, the Dolphins have a pretty solid draft going.

But the key word in the last sentence above is solid. All of the picks that the Dolphins have selected so far are viewed to be solid picks, and have some potential, but they are not the explosive picks that many fans were expecting the Dolphins to make.

But here may be an explanation as to why the Dolphins selected both Jared Odrick, and Koa Misi with their first two picks in this years draft.

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald is reporting that the Dolphins are currently in the process of making a llittle change in the current 3-4 defensive system that is currently in place in Miami.

The switch to a more hybrid 3-4 system will not be hard, and will actually favor the Dolphins staff much more. The Fins’ defensive line is among the most deep and skilled in the league. You can also add versatile to that list as well. With the hybrid focusing on interior penetration from the defensive lineman, and inside linebackers.

This is why the Dolphins drafted Odrick. He is versatile on the line, and can play both inside and outside, which is perfect for what the Dolphins want to do with their lineman.

The hybrid version of the 3-4 allows the lineman to make the whole defensive group better. With the defensive line being one of the strengths of this Dolphins team, it would only be fitting that they mold the defensive scheme around one of their strong points.

The Dolphins still will use nose tackles Paul Solia, and Jason Ferguson this season, but making the switch to this new system will allow the need for a dominating nose tackle to be minimized, and allow the more versatile players, “tweeners” if you may, to be more effective.

The front three for the Fins will also force the inside linebackers, such as Karlos Dansby and Channing Crowder, to come up, and stuff the run, and penetrate more than they would in the regular 3-4. But this is both’s strong suit, and should ultimately make the whole defense with this switch.

The move to the hybrid explains why the Dolphins drafted Odrick. He can play both inside and outside, and will fit in perfectly into the defensive system.

UPDATE:Dolphins Take Koa Misi With 40th Pick

The Dolphins finally added an outside linebacker, by picking OLB Koa Misi with the 40th overall pick.

This is the Fins only 2nd round pick, and their next pick will come in the 3rd round, later tonight.

I’ll have more information on Moa a little later.


Misi is not going to be a prolific pass rusher in the NFL. He was drafted for his versatility to play both inside linebacker, and outside, while playing a little bit of defensive end along the way perhaps. Misi has a high motor, and is graded as one of the workout warriors of this draft with a lot of potential. While he is athletic, agile, uses his hands well, and has an excellent burst off the line, Misi will only be average against the run, because of his size and his trouble getting off blocks.

Misi appears to be another safe pick. The Dolphins are making things a little harder to judge the picks because of this new hybrid defensive system that they are running this season. The Dolphins had a chance to get multiple prospects that have homerun potential, but instead chose Misi. If the Dolphins want a prolific pass rusher alongside Cameron Wake, they will need to go back out in the draft this weekend, and find one, because it will not be Misi.