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The State Of: The Franchise

Training camp is just around the corner, but do not forget that we are still very much in the “Dead Zone” of the off-season. But even though we cannot see it, or even hear about it, the Dolphins organization as a whole is working in preparation for the season. So with that, let’s take a look into the Dolphins organization as a whole.

The Ownership:

Last year, our previous owner, Wayne H. Huizenga sold the majority of the ownership to newly crowned owner Stephen Ross. Ross then has continued to sell small portions of the ownership stakes to celebrities stemming from all regions of the entertainment world.

But the main responsibility falls on Ross.

Ross is doing his best to ensure his team of success.

And the job that he is doing is not half bad so far. It is after all, under his reign that the Dolphins have more intensity around their home games than in any other recent year.

And it is under his reign that the Dolphins are spending more money than ever in hopes of making their team the best in the league. This has almost never happened.

Ross may be the most financially motivated owner that the Dolphins have ever seen. After all, he is giving the reigns over to Bill Parcells, and giving him all the money he needs to build a winner. That is how much this guy wants a championship.

But Ross is also willing to stay in the dark, behind the curtains, and allow his employees to take all the credit (as they should) and make the team the best it can possibly be. He will deal with the financial side of things, while he leaves the football guys to the football side of things.

Ross is on the right track. He is manuevering this franchise to great things. They are a young team, but the way that he is staying out of the headlines (for the most part) is promising that we do not have a Dan Snyder, or Al davis on our hands, who are both owners who are potentially crippling their franchises with the way that they rule their teams.

The bottom line is that we are in good hands, hopefully for a very long time!

The Front Office:

Like the owner, the Dolphins front office likes to handle their jobs in a business like manner, and try to stay out of the headlines.

When anyone mentions the Dolphins front office, the first names that come to my head are general manager Jeff Ireland, and vice president of executive operations Bill Parcells.

They are the only guys that you ever hear about in the press, and that is how the Dolphins like it. Heck, his first year on the job, you barely heard Irelands in the media anywhere!

They are in their third year together now, and gaining steam to another playoff birth. They are casually building a team with people like themselves: winners.

The tag team of Ireland and Parcells are leading the Dolphins to all new heights!

Parcells is a proven winner everywhere he goes, and that is soon to be Ireland’s title. This guy is doing an awesome job in completely rebuilding a team that went 1-15 the year before he arrived. While many consider Parcells to be the lead guy when it comes to crucial decisions, but really, Ireland is the head honcho now, and Parcells is steadily gleaning himself out of the decision making process, as he heads his way into retirement.

So far under Ireland and the rest of the front office, the team has found a franchise quarterback (Chad Henne), a top five offensive line (including elite left tackle Jake Long), one of the best future cornerback tandems (Vontae Davis and Sean Smith), stole one of the best receivers in the game (Brandon Marshall for two 2nd round picks) and lured one of the best free agents to Miami (Karlos Dansby).

In three years, that is a pretty impressive resume to have. If the Dolphins are to get to the promised land, it will be all due to the guys scouting, drafting, trading, and of course, coaching the players, for our success.

The Coaching:

What can I say about Tony Sparano? The guy leads with his heart, and truly has a passion, a love for the game of football, and it shows on the field and in his team. he takes pride in how he coaches, and coaching his players the right way, and not taking any shortcuts.

Sparano is one of the main reasons for the Fins quick turn-around.

This guy is a players coach, and everyone in Miami loves him. He reminds me of a high school football coach in the way he goes after a win. He never stops with the intensity that he brings to gametime, and that is why he is beloved by a whole fanbase. Sparano is an integral part of the rebuilding process for the Fins, and one of the biggest reasons why they rebounded so quickly from disaster.

But the other coaches cannot be ignored either. Dan Henning. Mike Nolan. I have all the confidence in the world that these guys can help bring the Dolphins back to prominence.

Sure, Nolan has not yet spent a game as a Fins coach, but the vibe around how he will change the pace of the Dolphins defense is chilling.

Gone are the days where our defense is predictable and has to adapt to opposing offenses. Because of our coach, we have a guy, and a system where the offense adapts to us.

And lets not forget Henning who, along with the help of quarterbacks coach David Lee brought the Wildcat formation to the NFL. The Dolphins offense now is multi-talented, and can come at you with a high flying aerial attack, with the help of Brandon Marshall and Chad Henne, or a high octane ground game, and not to mention the Wildcat.

Coaching is what has helped this young team succeed over the past three years, and that will not stop anytime soon. The coaching staff keeps getting better, with experts, and old veterans such as Nolan, Henning, and Lee on the staff. They all specialize in something better than over half of the other coaches in their positions in the NFL.

All of these facets of our franchise, the ownership, the front office, and the coaching staff help our team succeed in a way that is beyond what anyone realizes. Most of our team is younger than 27, and our organization is doing a job at not only coaching them, and discipling them, but also drafting smart, talented, and mature young men in the process.

With the help of the aforementioned departments of the organization, the Dolphins are positioning themselves for glory.


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