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  • Miami Dolphins 2010 Draft Picks

    * 28th - 1st Round- Jared Odrick
    * 40th- 2nd Round- Koa Misi
    * 73rd - 3rd Round- John Jerry
    * 119th - 4th Round-A.J. Edds
    * 145th - 5th Round-Nolan Carroll
    * 163rd - 5th Round-Reshad Jones
    * 212th - 7th Round-Chris McCoy
    * 252nd- 7th Round-Austin Spitler

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Full Interview With Fins Linebacker Charlie Anderson

Finally it is here! No, not training camp. Not yet. But Playoff Bound Sports interview with Miami Dolphins linebacker Charlie Anderson is now here, in full.
Anderson is competing for one of the two starting outside linebacker spots, with Cameron Wake,  and that will be one of the top camp battles during training camp this year. Even though only one will win the spot, our outside linebacking core is in good hands with these two figuring to get the majority of the snaps come gametime.
Playoff Bound Sports Brant Houghton sat down with Charlie over the holiday weekend to catch some of his thoughts in the weeks before the start of training camp. Here is what Charlie had to say on multiple topics, ranging from the Dolphins-Jets rivalry, to what the draft process was like for him, and his take on the Dolphins 2010 draft class.
Brant Houghton: Charlie coming out of Ole Miss, what was the draft process like for you?
Charlie Anderson: I was thinking that I wasn’t gonna get drafted, and was gonna try and sign as a free agent somewhere. Then I had a workout for Houston, which made me think my chances were a little greater, but then on draftday the phones started ringing, and I was lucky enough to get drafted by the Houston Texans. I would have never thought that I was going to get drafted, I was trying to get signed as a free agent.
BH: How do yout think you have improved, and changed as a player in your time in the NFL so far, from your time in Houston, to your time in Miami now?
CA: Well in Houston, I was a young guy, a special teams guy, and in my last year in Houston, I was in my fourth year. And after I came to Miami in my 5th year, thats kind of considered as you being a veteran now. Now I’m one of the vets, and I know how the league operates, and the ins and outs on how to keep your body healthy, and to stay out of trouble. I feel more comfortable playing in the league, and knowing that I’ve been around the block a couple times, and it’s not as nerve wracking as it used to be.
BH: When you first came to Miami, what were some of your expectations for the team, and their future?
CA: Well, when I came in they just came off that really bad season. And when I came in we had a new coach, and everything. And I had experienced that with Houston so i was thinking that we were definitely winning more than one game. I didn’t think that we would win the division and make it to the playoffs, but you know, I figured we would finish somewhere like 8-8, or 7-9. I knew we had a good team, but I did not expect us to go to the playoffs. You know I knew that we were capable of winning a lot of games, but coming from Houston, I’ve never been in a playoff game. I just never thought it would come to the playoffs though.
BH: Fastforward to the present time. What is the vibe around the OTA’s about the potential of this years team?
CA: I think the vibe is trying to get back to where we were the year we went to the playoffs. We wanna stay focused on winning games, and winning the division, and winning back our division, and getting back to the playoffs. Everybodies focused on that right now.  
BH: You were given a chance to compete for a starting spot at outside linebacker this year, what is the competition like so far?
CA: Its gonna be tough, a tough role to fill with Cameron Wake, and uhh..Misi? He always gets on me for messing up his name. Koa Misi! We have Koa, and Quentin Moses and Erik Walden. All of those guys are great, and its gonna be a battle, and I wanna come out and represent, but you know, that’s how this league is, you wanna have the best players out on the field, and have a winning chance and get things to where you wanna go. I’m up for the challenge, and hopefully the best man will be out on top, whoever that is.

Anderson is looking to terrorize quarterbacks on a regular basis this year for the Dolphins.

BH: Competition, that’s what the coaches look for, and thats a good situation to have, with guys pushing each other. That positions pretty deep with guys that can come in at any time and compete for the job and start. So that’s a good situation to have from a team standpoint.
CA: Yeah, that’s what you want. Competition brings out the best in anyone, and that’s what we’re going to do. It’s gonna make this team better by being there and working hard in training camp, on both sides of the ball to winning games.
BH: After Dolphins legend Jason Taylor left for the division rival New York Jets, what was the vibe going around the locker room with all of the vets?
CA: Well, the JT thing happened before the team got back together, so not a lot of guys were saying much about it. JT is a big loss, the guys a future Hall of Famer,  he contributed last year with like 7 sacks , and I learned a lot from him. So it’s going to be a big blow for our leadership and defensive play, but JT man, he’s a Dolphins. It’s a big loss but you know, this is a game that keeps on going.
BH: You were on the AFC East Championship team from 2008. You also blocked a punt in the division clinching game, in Week 17, against the Jets, in New York. What was it like to play in a game of that caliber, and can you break down the punt block play for us?
CA: That game was great, those are the games you wanna play in. We had a lot on the line, and knew if we won that game then we clinched a spot (in the playoffs). We knew that everyone else was waiting on us to get in, like New York and New England, but we knew that we controlled our own destiny. We knew we had a lot riding on it. As far as the blocked punt, it was just a regular, base occurance. It wasn’t like we called anything special like a rush call where everyone is going for the block, but I think it was more of a mental breakdown of the Jets. It was like the guy in front of me didn’t even see me! He didn’t even block me, and I thought “Man, just don’t miss the layup”. I was thinkin “just keep your eyes on the ball and pick it up off the foot.
BH: I was in attendance of the game in New York, and was down by the tunnel celebrating with the team after the game, along with the rest of the fans. What was that like, as a player, to celebrate with your fanbase, an achievement that you have worked all season long for?
CA: Man, I’ll tell you what. That was a day I will never forget. It was like winning the AFC Championship. I mean we came from nothing to now going to the playoffs? It was crazy! We had hats, AFC East Champions hats, it was crazy. I was a proud man. It was THE best moment and feeling that I had so far in this league. It was great, those are the games you want to play in. We had a lot on the line.
BH: What are your thoughts on the Dolphins and Jets rivalry, if there even is one, and what does the team feel going into those games?
CA: Well I think that the media makes it out to be a rivalry game, but I think that any divisional game is a rivalry game because we play them twice a year and they mean more because of that. So whenever we play the Jets, Bills, pr the Pats, it means a lot. But since the Jets won the division last year, it’s gonna mean a lot more to play them this year.
BH: So there isn’t any hatred between the players at all?
CA: No I don’t think so. Maybe on gameday (of course), but not after the games.
BH: What are some of your interests off the field?
CA: I’m into golf and tryin to get into it. I got everything you need but the game. I  like bowling, even though I havn’t bowled a lot since I was in Houston. That’s usually all we did in Houston. Just hangin out with my kids and family. I drive a car that I have a lot, but just hanging out with my wife and kids.
BH: Growing up down south, were the Dolphins your favorite team growing up?
CA: Haha, I’m gonna say no, but I’m from Mississippi, so I am, and everybody down there is a (New Orleans) Saints fan. I like the Saints, and a couple times they came into town and played here in the pre-season, and now they practice here for training camp, so that’s great. But everyone from there was a Saints fan. Growing up though I was a (San Francisco) 49ers fan with Jerry Rice and everyone else on that team.
BH: That was a great time period for them, for football, that was the Dan Marino era and Jerry Rice time period.
CA: Oh yeah man, that was an era right there! You had Montana, and Elway!
BH: What are your thoughts on this years draft class? From a fans standpoint, a lot of us are excited to see how these young bucks can come in and help the Fins win.
CA: We had a great draft class with Odrick from PSU. He showed me a lot so far. He comes off the ball, great hands, great motor. And the kid from Ole’ Miss, John Jerry, he’s a massive guy. I know we haven’t had pads on yet, but he’s huge, and I think he is going to be a great run blocker. Koa, he is really quick off the ball. He has a great first step, he has a motor, he can bend well. Our young defensive backs have great ball skills. I think we have a great draft class, I think they can help us a lot to win games.
BH: Thanks for your time Charlie, would you like to thank anyone at all? Friends, family, fans?
CA: I’d like to thank my wife for sticking by me through everything, my family, my parents. All of my former coaches are there to lend a helping hand, and everyone that knows me, and has supported me throughout the years. You guys are the best fans of all time, and I just wanna thank you for your support!
We would like to thank Charlie, and Amy Milam from Sexton Sports, for their time that they helped put into the interview! We look forward to watching Charlie terrorize opposing quarterbacks this upcoming season and beyond! Good luck this season Charlie!

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