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  • Miami Dolphins 2010 Draft Picks

    * 28th - 1st Round- Jared Odrick
    * 40th- 2nd Round- Koa Misi
    * 73rd - 3rd Round- John Jerry
    * 119th - 4th Round-A.J. Edds
    * 145th - 5th Round-Nolan Carroll
    * 163rd - 5th Round-Reshad Jones
    * 212th - 7th Round-Chris McCoy
    * 252nd- 7th Round-Austin Spitler

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What To Look For Out of The Dolphins On Day 2

In the first round of the draft, the Dolphins shocked about 75% of the world when they took Jared Odrick with their first round pick, at #28.

The Dolphins were expected to fill a hole with their 1st round pick, either picking a safety, or an outside linebacker.

Odrick fills none of those holes, but he does add a versatile lineman to the defensive line, that can play both inside and outside.

Now the Dolphins have to enter the second day of the draft looking to fill some of the holes on their squad. The front office will not have to wait long before they get their chance to fill one of those holes, with the Fins going on the clock at #40 overall, which is one of the picks that they acquired in the trade down that they did with the San Diego Chargers.

There are still many top notch prospects left in the draft for the Dolphins to pick. This is one of the deepest drafts in years, so the chances of the Dolphins getting some solid players tomorrow is very high.

The Trifecta will look at a variety of different players at different positions.  But the Dolphins will have more decisions to make than just who to pick at #40.

With first round talent left such as Sergio Kindle, the Dolphins will have to decide whether or not they would like to trade up to grab Kindle, or just stand pat, and see who falls to them at 40th overall.

General manager Jeff Ireland said tonight in his press conference that the front office thought a lot of the top pass rushing prospects were pretty much the same. To put this in Lehman’s terms, this means that some of the top pass rushers, such as Jerry Hughes, Kindle, and even Ricky Sapp, are all pretty much the same player, only being taken at different points in the draft.

Hughes went to the Indianapolis Colts at #31, and both Kindle and Sapp are still on the board, with Kindle expected to be selected before the Dolphins get back on the board.

That leaves the Dolphins to mull over whether they select Sapp, or pick one of the top safety prospects in the draft, such as Nate Allen, or Morgan Burnett. The Dolphins could also go with a nose tackle in the 2nd round as well, but are expected to wait until the 3rd to address this position.

With the Dolphins going on the clock in less than 10 picks, here is a list of players to watch out for, that the Dolphins will be debating all through the night on which to pick.

  • Ricky Sapp: In college Sapp played defensive end, and was a little undersized. The Dolphins would convert him over to outside linebacker, where he could rush the edge. He is considered one of the best pass rushers in this draft. He is good at chasing down runners, and stopping the run. He does have trouble shedding blockers, but for a pass rusher, that is to be expected sometimes. Sapp will most likely still be on the board for the Dolphins when they go on the clock at #40.
  • Nate Allen: Allen is one of the top safeties in this draft, with excellent ball skills, and lighting fast speed. He is one of the few ballhawks in this draft, and would be good value for the Dolphins at #40.
  • Morgan Burnett: Burnett is an athlete, but needs to get better at some of the intangibles of the safety position. The Dolphins will consider him at #40 if some of their other targets are gone, but with an already raw safety in Chris Clemons already on the roster, Burnett should not really be a realistic choice at this point, but because he excels in special teams, he will draw consideration.
  • Terrence Cody: Even though Cody’s weight issues have been well chronicled, the Dolphins will still consider him because of his dominance when he is on the field. Cody will most likely only be a 2 down player, which will also make the front office more and more inclined to shy away from him tomorrow. Cody has the ability to be dominant in the NFL, but needs to show that he can play with more of a motor and desire to win the battles at the point of attack, and keep his weight down on a consistent basis.
  • Torrell Troup: Troup is one of the few remaining top nose tackles in the draft, and the Dolphins may consider trading down to get Troup. Troup has great work ethic, and is one of the best run stuffers in the draft. He controls the point of attack, and can work well against double teams. Would be a quality pick in the 2nd round if the Fins were to trade down. Would be a reach at #40.

The Dolphins will likely consider multiple other prospects, but the above all fill holes that the Dolphins should consider filling tomorrow. The 2nd day of the draft will arguably be the most crucial for the Dolphins, with them going on the clock twice tomorrow. With the depth that this draft has, there should still be quality players left in the mid rounds for the taking.  The fun is only just beginning!


One Response

  1. I say we hold out and don’t trade up.
    The reason Kindle has fallen so far is injury concerns. I think we will find our guy where we stand.
    I am kind of disappointed in our first pick, not the flashiest of moves. But when it comes to building a team you can’t get caught up in the hype (*cough* Raiders)

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