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JT Signs With The Enemy Jets: He’s No Miami Legend Anymore

The Dolphins have lost a true legend today, to the enemy. Yes, it is true. Jason Taylor, who was once one of Miami’s most beloved, will now become one of Miami’s most hated.

Today JT signed a deal with the Jets that will span over two years, and will be worth $13.75.

The real amount of money will not be as big as the number you just read, because Taylor will likely only play one more season, but even then, he will earn $3.75 this year.

It was previously reported that the Jets could not give Taylor more than $1.50 million because of the restricting rules of the uncapped year. What’s up there? How did the Jets and their pile of nincompoops “geniuses” (as ESPN would like to say) manage to get around this rule?

This is what a traitor looks like. JT is saying his last good bye to the fans as a member of the Dolphins. He will never be accepted back!

Taylor will be making his return to Miami in Week 3, on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. This is a primetime game, and not only is a game that will highlight one of the most intense rivalries in the game, but the return of JT, which is will also be the Dolphins first home game.

There will no doubt be handshakes and hugs before the game between the Dolphins squad and JT, but there will be no love from me, or most fans that will be there.

I expect Taylor to be fully booed after this signing.

After all of the years that he led us on, saying how he hated the Jets, and got on our good sides and criticizing the fans up in New York, he has now joined the one organization that any of us would sell our souls to just obliterate every year for the rest of our lives.

I realize that Taylor is out of a job. I realize that the Dolphins were not necessarily going to offer him a contract. But the truth of the matter is, what was the hurt in Taylor prolonging the wait for just a couple more days, until this weekend, after the draft is over?

What could have been the hurt in that? Was that not enough drama for the “superstar”?

Something was about to happen between the front office, and Taylor. Coach Tony Sparano was poised to hold a meeting with the veteran. But then after Taylor gave the Dolphins the cold shoulder, the Dolphins called the meeting off.

This did not help matters much at all, and perhaps the Dolphins gave JT the green light to sign with the Jets.

People that say that this is a devastating loss to the team, you are wrong. People who say that this decision by JT will destroy tarnish his legacy in Miami, you are right.

How many fans will want to wear their Jason Taylor jersey now after he retires, knowing that he finished his career with the team that both JT and the fans, shared a profuse hatred for over the span of the decade?

How many fans will bring up fond memories of JT again from when he was in Miami after he retires? Instead, those fond memories will include how we showed Taylor which team he should have stayed with, after sweeping the Jets this season.

The fact that the Trifecta did not choose to re-sign him should not infuriate anyone. You have to understand, that Taylor was not willing to participate in all of the off-season workouts that the coaching staff expects him too.

With the Jets, he does not have to partake in all of the workouts that are voluntary, only the mandatory ones, or the ones that he just feels like showing up to. This was not going to fly in Miami, and when you look at this situation and why the Fins never re-signed him, you notice that there may have been something personal going on here between the two parties.

Well, the fact of the matter is that there was/is something personal going on here. The Dolphins want ALL of their players in ALL of their workouts throughout the off-season. JT was not willing to do that, thus he was given the cold shoulder, and the go-ahead to get out of Miami.

This personal dispute may have effected JT’s perspective, but the Dolphins still have one of their great former players behind them, who also happens to be JT’s brother in law, Zach Thomas. Here is what he had to say today on the JT situation:

The following comes from Jeff Darlington’s Twitter account:

  • Thomas says he has no issues with the way the Dolphins do their business , but he takes issue with how the organization handles it publicly.
  • “You need to respect players who have been good to the game, and the game will respect you back,” said Thomas, who is JT’s brother in law.
  • Zach Thomas said he will never root for Jets — not even if they’re in Super Bowl with Taylor on the field. “I can’t do it,” Thomas said.
  • Zach Thomas: “If I have to go to a game up there, and I see Fireman Ed, I’d love to knock him off that guy’s shoulder.”
  • Thomas clearly worried about JT’s legacy: “He’s been great for this team. That can’t be lost here. He’s sad, but he’s got to move on.”

Zach gives us mixed reviews on the whole spiel with Taylor, but one thing that we all know about Zach is that he would never sign with the Jets, ever. This is why he is such a hero in Miami, because in the end, we knew that he would do everything in his power, in both the season, and off-season to better the Dolphins. Taylor is just interested in getting his acting career started, and try and get that elusive ring that he has not found yet.

Here is the biggest question that I will leave you to:

Why would Jason want his only ring that he earned in his career, to come as a member of the team that was his rival his whole career, the Jets? (Heaven forbid!)


6 Responses

  1. Ok, I have to disagree with parts of this.

    I don’t see JT as a traitor, he wanted nothing more than to come back and play with Miami again, but the Trifecta didn’t take him seriously.

    He is my favorite player on the Jets, and he will be inducted into the HOF as a Dolphin, and I will always remember him as a Phin.


    • I’m sorry, but while I understand that JT was in need of a job, why could he not wait until after the draft to see if the Fins would offer him a contract then? Wasn’t that when he was supposed to be offered a contract by them if they did want him?

  2. I think it had to do with the fact that Miami wouldn’t even talk to him. The guy wanted to play ball. The Jets pushed his hand by saying they want a decision before the draft. It was possible he wouldn’t have a job at all if he didn’t take the Jets. I don’t like it though.
    The interesting thing is that he had an offer back in November but turned it down.

    • He turned it down because he wanted to play football and deal with the contract in the off-season. The Jets would have still taken him after the draft. JT was in control, he just did not realize it, and it cost us a legend. -Brant

  3. I think I am going to start putting -Keenan at the end of my comments.
    As far as JT goes, I think he is at the end of his career anyway. Sure he will look great in Rex Ryan’s system, but how much of it will be JT”s ability and how much of it will be the system?

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