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Dolphins Weekend Wrapup: Rumors Abound

Despite being a little dead around here with the semi-lack of Dolphins news, this weekend has brought us a trainfull of news in the days leading up to the draft. Most of the news has to deal with the draft, and the possible trades that the Dolphins could make once draft day comes around, but their is also a little mixture of news surrounding the Jason Taylor situation as well.

Dolphins Draft Rumors Abound:

  • Throughout the past week, there have been numerous rumors on who the Dolphins would like to pick, who the Dolphins are looking to trade, whether the Fins are looking to trade up or down, or who the Dolphins are looking to acquire.
  • According to ProFootballWeekly, the Dolphins are looking to trade quarterback Tyler Thigpen, and the anchors on Sirius radio’s Moving The Chains agree. Here is what they have to say: The Dolphins are going to trade Tyler Thigpen, guaranteed. It’s coming from multiple souces. And, a source that I really trust is saying that Bill Parcells really loves Tim Tebow. They could be aiming a second round pick at Tebow. Those are not all the exact words, but the statement is correct. This would be a big blow to the Dolphins draft credibility. The host also goes on to say that Pat White would also be gone as well if Tebow were to arrive. But I disagree with this move on so many levels. For one, Tebow would be a luxury, and while it would be nice to scoop him up, why take Tebow when the Fins still have other holes that they need to fill?
  • Michael Lombardi is also reporting that he has heard from multiple sources around the league that the Dolphins are looking to trade down from their current spot at #12 overall. The Trifecta is always looking to garner more draft picks, so trading down is a very believable possibility at this point.
  • This draft is very big for the Dolphins. I agree with their attempt at gaining as many draft picks as possible. Trading Thigpen is not such a bad idea, as long as they can get some decent draft picks for him. With all of the possibilities that the Dolphins hold in this draft, it would be somewhat reasonable to think to yourself that the Dolphins could actually fill 90% of all of their holes in only one draft, this year’s draft.

Jets Making Moves While Dolphins Stay Put:

The Jets today completed a move that sent their 5th round pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers for former Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes. While Holmes will be suspended for the first four games of the season, he will still cause problems for cornerbacks all around the league. So far this off-season, the Jets have made moves to reel in cornerback Antonio Cromartie, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Holmes, and are trying to pry away Jason Taylor from under the Dolphins grasp.

The problem with all of these moves is that it shows that the Jets are not simply content with their roster that they put on the field last year. They know the areas that they need to improve in (like the Fins, and most other teams do), and they go out onto the trade block, and get what they want done, done.

This is an area where the Dolphins are lacking in.

Unlike the Jets, the Dolphins wait until the draft to nab their guys. And even then, they nab the guys that are available in the draft. The signing of Karlos Dansby this year was the first big time signing and acquisition of the Trifecta era. The Jets have made three in the past six months, trading for Braylon Edwards, Cromartie, and Holmes.

But unlike the Jets, the Dolphins have a young nucleus to build their team around. The Dolphins will look to build upon their young nucleus through the draft yet again, and unlike years of past, this draft could be the draft of drafts for the Dolphins. This year could be the draft where because of the Fins never ending quest for more draft picks, the Dolphins could not only nab all of the guys that they want, but they could also make some trades that impact their team immensely as well.

JT On The Move:

With the Dolphins focusing on the draft so far this off-season, one Dolphins legend has gone unnoticed until this past week. The Jets are pursuing Taylor, and it while the Dolphins have made themselves clear that they will most likely not offer Taylor a contract until after the draft process has been completed. Meanwhile, the Jets have been telling Taylor what their contract terms would be, and are going to make it very hard for JT to stay in Miami.

But perhaps the Dolphins last chance will rely in Tony Sparano. Sparano reportedly wants to meet with Taylor before he makes his decision according to Chris Mortensen. But sources close to JT say that he has not yet heard of this so-called “meeting”. So it may not even occur if Jason has already made up his mind.

Hopefully Sparano’s intentions pay off, and the Fins go out and sign Taylor to a contract that will keep him in Miami for the rest of his career. This will not only help out Taylor, but also the Fins as well, as they are looking for some linebacking depth.

Brandon Marshall To Be Had For Cheaper Than We Thought?:

According to agent Drew Rosenhaus, star wide receiver Brandon Marshall will be traded for a 2nd round pick, and a lesser round pick along with that. This opens the door for the Dolphins to make a move now because they would not have to give up their first round pick for Marshall. Keep in mind that I also mentioned that the Dolphins are looking to trade Tyler Thigpen for a 2nd round pick as well. Could that pick be used to reel in Marshall to Miami?

All of this news is coming in a whirlwind for the Fins, but with the draft approaching ever so quickly, all of this news is welcome. Despite all of this news though, the only ones that truly know for sure what the Miami Dolphins will do on draft day, are the Trifecta. Plain and simple. There is no way around it. They know and we don’t. All we can do is speculate at this point forward until next Thursday night at 7:30 pm eastern.


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