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Mock Draft Among Blogs: Pick 32

By: MooseDenied: Saints Blog Representative

Up for some fun, Browns fans?

Back in 2006, the Browns signed free agent C LeCharles Bentley from the Saints. Later that spring, the Saints swapped 2nd round picks with the Browns and in the process acquired Jeff Faine. The Browns moved up 9 spots and selected LB D’Qwell Jackson with the pick acquired from the Saints.

Fast forward to 2010, the Browns have signed free agent LB Scott Fujita from the Saints. How interesting would it be on draft day to go ahead and complete the circle of life here? In my opinion, the situation’s just screaming for the Saints and Browns to reprise that 2006 draft day deal.

In the NLN Mock, Bradford and Clausen are off the board and St. Louis, Washington and Cleveland all passed on QBs in the first round. Colt McCoy is still out there, and St. Louis and Washington loom at 33 and 37 respectively, both selecting ahead of the Browns at 38. So I propose that the Saints trade pick #32, or in other words Colt McCoy, to the Browns for pick #38 and… the guy the Browns selected the last time they traded up with the Saints, D’Qwell Jackson.

According to the largely useless “draft value chart” the difference between the 32nd and 38th pick is worth 70 points, or the equivalent of a mid-4th round pick, so the Browns would be letting Jackson go for what most people would probably consider “less than he’s worth.” But I would assert that this is just further proof that the so-called “value chart” is stupid. “Value” isn’t a constant, it varies based on specific circumstances.

In this case, the Saints’ #32 pick carries a ton of extra value simply because we’re talking about a (potential) franchise QB for a team that certainly needs one, and the fact that the Browns would be jumping in front of not one but two other teams who are probably going to take said potential franchise QB if they get the chance. Or in other words, if the Browns want McCoy, and they should, trading up to 32 is their last best chance to get him.

On the other side of the equation, Jackson’s value is reduced based on the contentious situation involving his contract, which doesn’t seem to be heading to any resolution any time soon. Meantime, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that anybody’s interested in giving the Browns a 2nd to sign him as an RFA. And surely the Browns want no part of an unhappy Jackson undermining their efforts to change the culture in the locker room this fall.

Combine the added value at 32 based on the McCoy factor, and Jackson’s reduced value based on the disgruntled player factor, and the trade is a whole lot more equitable than the so-called “value chart” would indicate. The chart’s “mid-4th value” just doesn’t accurately reflect the realities of this specific situation.

And, hell, wouldn’t it be fun?

The Browns wash their hands of a bad situation and scoop the Rams and Redskins out of the lone remaining “franchise QB” prospect in the process. (And I do consider him a “franchise” type prospect, not a mid-round “project” type.) They do it while retaining all their picks, won’t have to use their 1st on a QB next year, and would be able to redshirt him as a rookie. If the Browns wait until next year to get their QB, they’d have to start him as a rookie, and if they go with a mid-round project this year, look forward to at least another year or two of the Jake Delhomme Experience. Nobody knows Jake like a Saints fan, and trust me, you won’t want any part of that.

The Saints don’t need a MLB, and Jackson might not be a good fit for SLB, but Gregg Williams will figure it out. Even if it means sliding Scott Shanle to the SLB and inserting Jackson at WLB.

All that being said, I understand that for the purposes of the NLN Mock, I have to go ahead and make a pick here. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the Saints’ primary needs are a pass-rushing LDE, big run-stuffing 1-tech DT, and OLB (emphasis on the strongside, but weakside will do just fine too if it were to come to that.)

Terrence Cody is completely off my personal board altogether, and I don’t see any 4-3 OLB (particularly SLB) candidates left on the board who are worthy of the 32nd pick. The value at 1-tech DT and OLB will be in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, in my opinion. (Given who’s already off the board, that is.) So that leaves DE.

Which works out well, because the Saints at least have bodies at DT and OLB. Meanwhile, since releasing Charles Grant at the start of free agency, the Saints have exactly 3 DEs on the roster. Bobby McCray is not a 3-down DE and has been a disappointment since the Saints brought him in from Jacksonville 2 years ago to be the 3rd down “pass rush specialist.” Jeff Charleston is a journeyman. The only legit full-time starter on the roster, RDE Will Smith, still has a potential 4-game StarCaps suspension looming. (Still??? Yep, still. Guh.) If nothing else, the Saints are in desperate need of warm bodies at DE.

So… Everson Griffen or Carlos Dunlap?

Meh, I’m not all that high on either one, to tell you the truth. Both are classic boom/bust types, and both carry concerns about their give-a-damn. Not exactly my kinda first round pick. Honestly, I’m tempted to just say screw it and go with the best center in the draft, Maurkice Pouncey. Can’t do that though, the Saints are just in too much trouble at DE right now. They might need to come out of this draft with two of ’em, for crying out loud.

With the 32nd pick in the 2010 Mock Draft Among Blogs, the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints select:

Gregg Williams likes to throw in the occasional 3-4 look every now and then, and Griffen’s experience as an occasional standup 3-4 rush linebacker tips the scales in his favor. And for whatever reason, Sean Payton loves his former Trojans. Griffen would be the 3rd USC player taken in the 1st round by the Saints in 5 drafts under Sean Payton. (Reggie Bush, Sedrick Ellis)

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2 Responses

  1. Not sure what all that hoop-la is about.
    But evidentially Jason Taylor is going to visit the Jets.
    If this happens I will lose any and all respect I have for him. This would piss me off.

    • Ches:

      It’s the last pick in the mock draft among blogs, written by the rep blog for the Saints. But I have a post up on JT and all of his hoopla.


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