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Terrell Owens The Short Term Answer To Our Problems?

Recently Playoff Bound Sports participated in a mock draft among blogs, with 31 other blogs that represented the team that their site covered.

Last night, PB Sports was on the clock, and the front office here at our site have been discussing who we should pick for a little over a week.

We turned over just about every rock, every position that we felt should be addressed this season. As Karlos Dansby was signed, we slowly stopped talking about Rolando McClain and other inside linebackers, and started to address our attention to other positions.

We named the prospects at the outside linebacker spot, nose tackle, free safety, and wide receiver.

Early on, Dez Bryant was my favorite, but as the discussions went on, the want for a big defensive playmaker such as Earl Thomas, Sergio Kindle, or Dan Williams was too much.

We slowly stopped talking about addressing the void at the wide receiver spot, and started to debate whether a free safety, or defensive tackle should warrant the #12 overall pick.

Obviously, we decided to go with Thomas with our pick, but Williams was a close second.

But on to the wide receiver spot.

There still is some time left to sign some free agents to address a team need. Bryant appears to be one of the only legit #1 receivers in the draft, and if the Dolphins were to pass up on him in the first round, they would virtually have to trade back into the first round to acquire him.

But wait, there is even more bad news. If the Dolphins were to address the free safety hole in the first round, that would still leave them to try and fill the defensive tackle, outside linebacker, and yet the wide receiver vacancies throughout the draft. That is four other needs that the Trifecta would try and fill in only one draft.

The Dolphins do not need projects at these positions either.

They need good solid players, who have the big play ability to change the outcome of the game at any time.

Usually those players are found within the first three rounds. So in the first three rounds, the Fins are going to attempt to try and fill five holes in their team. The Dolphins are going to attempt to try and fill five holes with at the moment, only three picks.

This presents a problem. So, like the theme of my off-season plan, the Dolphins are going to have to address at least 1-2 of these needs through free agency, so they can draft for depth, instead of need in the draft, and create a little more flexibility come draft time.

One of those positions that they can still address is the wide receiver spot.

While Anquan Boldin has been traded to the Baltimore Ravens, and Antonio Bryant has signed with the Cincinnati Bengals, that leaves only Terrell Owens left on the free agent market with big play potential.

Now some of you may be thinking that I’m on crack right now.

Hear me out.

While T.O. will be 37 by mid-season, the Dolphins will only be needing his services for one season. They can then go out and pick up a #1 receiver in the draft next year.

Last year, Owens posted some good stats considering the team that he was playing for, the Buffalo Bills.

Owens played through two different quarterbacks, who were both lower than what he is used to playing with. But the scary part is, Owens still posted scary numbers, while playing in all 16 games last year.

Over those 16 games, Owens registered 55 receptions, for 829 yards, and 5 touchdowns.

Owens may have gotten off to a shaky start, but that can be attributed to him getting aquanted to the new system, and getting the chemistry down between himself, and his quarterback, Trent Edwards.

The first eight games that Owens played, he registered 23 catches. During the last eight games, he caught 32 balls, including 9 for 197 yards against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

We all know what Owens can do. He caused no trouble last year for the Bills, when he was under a one year contract, and while he and Bill Parcells have had their troubles while they were both in Dallas, I believe under another one year contract, Owens will not cause any trouble for us.

Another fact that just adds fuel to my argument would be the fact that Owens is indeed getting up there. Keep in mind that TO has only been to one SuperBowl, with the Eagles, and lost.

I think, that is he realizes, that with a guy who can stretch the field, and provide a legitimate #1 receiving partner for the Dolphins bunch of #2 guys, that Owens may just be the missing piece.

The Dolphins will be close to being contenders for the Super Bowl after this off-season, but if they fail to pick up a piece of the puzzle, such as a true #1 receiver, then they are still a season away from be legit contenders, and this upcoming year is just another year that all of our key players get a year older, and one more year closer to retirement.

I understand that the Trifecta is wary of “problem child” vets such as Owens, but the Dolphins are in clear need of a guy that can not only stretch the field, but of a guy that can draw double teams, and make everybody else around him better.

Why not sign Owens, an established player, to a one year deal, and do what you do in the draft, and get your team that much closer to contending status? I stated above that we simply do not have enough early round draft picks to fill all of the holes with players that can come in and make a difference right away.

This is where the need to pick up quality free agents such as Owens comes in handy. It would fill a hole, and at the same time, give the Fins front office some flexibility going into the draft, to go out, and draft for not only need, but for depth once they get past the first two rounds.

The Dolphins have some work to do still, but would signing Owens really be that bad? We saw what he can do when he is playing under a contract year. Why not give him a chance, and let him help your football team get to the promised land?


2 Responses

  1. I was thinking about this, but I don’t think TO is really the answer.

    Kevin Walter, FA WR from the Texans, is a better solution.


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