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Dolphins Free Agency Update

It’s 3:30 am here on the East Coast, and we are a little over 3 hours into the new year of free agency. The Dolphins have been busy so far tonight, trying to work out deals with multiple players, such as Chad Penninton, Antrel Rolle, and Karlos Dansby.

Chad Pennington Deal Hits “Snag”:

  • With Edgar Thompson and Chris Mortensen both reporting that the new deal for Chad Pennington hitting a supposed “snag”, he is nothing close to the guarantee that we all thought he was before the free agency period started 3 hours ago. The snag in the talks is that CP10 wants a no trade clause in his contract. The Dolphins are hesitant right now to give it to him, but in the end, I do not see it as a big deal, because exactly how many years does Pennington want to play in the NFL before he retires? I cannot imagine more than 3-4 years.
  • Peter King is reporting that Pennington is not about the money in the deal, so it looks like the no trade clause is the only object stopping CP10 from being back in Miami for the future. With the Jets trading for Antonio Cromartie tonight, we need Pennington that much more to help Henne with his development against elite cornerback tandems like the Jets.

Karlos Dansby Set To Come To Miami Today:

  • Karlos Dansby will visit Miami sometime today, and it is widely believed that the Trifecta will not let him leave without a contract. The Dolphins have already offered Dansby a multi-year deal, and this is the chief reason why Dansby will be flying down to Miami, to work out all of the kinks in the deal.
  • The Washington Redskins also are in the mix to get Dansby, but are also pursuing Julius Peppers, and view Dansby as a fallback option in the case that they do not succeed in signing Peppers. The Dolphins need to scoop up right away, and not let him leave Miami without a deal. If he makes the trip to Washington that he talks about below, he may not be coming to Miami like we all think, and want:

“But Washington is definitely a place I’m looking at. My gate is wide open right now. I’m going to take every visit. I’m going in to every team to see what type of the piece of the puzzle will I be. I want to fit in just right. I want to be in a perfect situation and do my part. That’s what I’m looking for in these organizations. I’m still waiting on my agent to text me back about [visits] as we speak, but Miami is definitely one of ’em right now. I’m going to go down there to see how I would fit in Miami.”

  • So even Dansby is saying that he is going to be making his way down to Miami at some point in time today. I cannot imagine that there is a better team that he would fit in though, than Miami. I think Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland, Tony Sparano, Mike Nolan, and Ronnie Brown, his former teammate, will all be meeting with Dansby today, to try and woo him down to Miami.

Antrel Rolle Sweepstakes Heating Up:

  • With all of this talk on which teams were negotiating deals with free agent free safety Antrel Rolle, it appears that he was down in Miami the whole time, watching the Miami Heat-Los Angeles Lakers game. Could this mean that he has talked to the Dolphins at some point in time recently, like in the last 12 hours?
  • The Dolphins have offered Rolle a contract reportedly, and the contract is going to suit Rolle in a Dolphins uniform for 5 years, but the amount of the deal was well under the $8 million per year that Rolle wanted. This will be interesting to watch, because Rolle wants to be down in Miami, close to his hometown, but he also wants to get paid. Sounds like Rolle has a decision to make, but the Dolphins have their offer in, and if they can somehow manage to meet with Rolle again at some point today, they may be able to snag Rolle off of the market as well.

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