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  • Miami Dolphins 2010 Draft Picks

    * 28th - 1st Round- Jared Odrick
    * 40th- 2nd Round- Koa Misi
    * 73rd - 3rd Round- John Jerry
    * 119th - 4th Round-A.J. Edds
    * 145th - 5th Round-Nolan Carroll
    * 163rd - 5th Round-Reshad Jones
    * 212th - 7th Round-Chris McCoy
    * 252nd- 7th Round-Austin Spitler

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Combine Questions Answered: Interview With DraftBreakdown’s Will Spencer

During the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine, some questions arise on what prospects the Dolphins are looking at, and with all of the speculation on who the Fins are interviewing, I took my questions to Draft Breakdown’s Will Spencer, who is one of the top draft experts around the web.

Brant Houghton: Jimmy Graham helped himself out a little bit in the draft, by posting some good numbers at the Combine. When do you think he will get selected, and would the Dolphins be a candidate to take him?

Will Spencer: I was impressed with Graham at the Senior Bowl and he continued to impress me at the Combine. He looked very natural catching the ball and stood out among the other tight ends. I think he could find himself off the board at the end of the 2nd round when all is said and done. Very stand up guy and hard worker. He’ll need to develop his skill set a little further but should blossom into a nice player that can stretch the field as well as be a nice red zone target.

BH: A couple of running backs peaked my interest at the Combine, in Jahvid Best, C.J. Spiller, Jonathan Dwyer, and Dexter McCluster. Out of those four, which one could you see the Dolphins selecting in the draft, if any, and have the Dolphins shown any interest in any of these guys so far?

WS: Dexter McCluster was actually running the wild cat for the Dolphins at the Senior Bowl, so I’m sure they’re keeping a close eye on him. His 40 wasn’t as fast as expected today, so I think he’ll end up going in the first part of round 3 in the draft. A team could scoop him up at the end of round 2 though. I think the Dolphins would pass on Spiller in 1 and Best would be a reach at the 12th pick, but wouldn’t be around in round 2 by that time. Dwyer is an interesting guy. He shed some weight before the combine and is a nice downhill runner. He has a lot of value at the Dolphins 2nd round selection.

BH: Draft specialists like Mike Mayock have been saying that Sergio Kindle would be a great pick for the Dolphins with the 12th overall pick. What is your analysis on Kindle, and what are some of his strengths and weaknesses?

WS: I think the Dolphins will be looking for a 3-4 rush linebacker as they’re parting ways with Joey Porter. I’m not as high on Kindle after watching the tape. He’s got a lot of work to do as far as getting off blocks and taking false steps when standing up, but he’s one heck of a pass rusher. Texas also lined him up in a ton of different ways; RDE, LDE, OLB and he rushed the passer from a 2 point stance as well as with his hand in the dirt. Kindle also has some serious off-field issues. He was arrested for DWI before the 2008 season and then was involved in another incident in 2009 where he drove his car into a building and fled the scene, which is still under investigation. Kindle is a “buyer beware” guy but his skill set as a pass rusher can’t be ignored.
BH: Another prospect for the Dolphins that I am interested in is Brandon Spikes. Where do you expect him to be taken off the board on draft day, and do the Dolphins make sense as a possible landing place for him?
WS: I’m not high on Brandon Spikes at all. I really question this guys work ethic after not participating in the Senior Bowl and he will apparently not run at the Combine with a “hamstring injury.” He also had the eye gouging incident during his senior season, which lowered his stock in my book. I think he could take a Rey Maualuga type fall in the worst case scenario. I don’t like him in coverage but he is instinctive in run support. Straight line speed is very questionable and I’m just not sure he’s a 3 down line backer. At the earliest, I think he’s an early 2nd round pick based off his physical skill set and production, but the other concerns I talked about could drop him into the later parts of round 2.
BH: Is there any prospects that are rising up the draft boards that may interest the Dolphins, and us fans should be paying attention to?
WS: Brandon Graham of Michigan is a guy to watch. The Combine is going to be huge for him as he needs to show that he has the hips and athleticism to drop into coverage. He’s an excellent pass rusher and his size indicates that he’s better suited to be a rush linebacker in a 3-4 defense. Graham had a tremendous Senior Bowl and he’s actually my top rated “tweener” guy, above Sergio Kindle.
We would like to thank Will for taking some time to answer all of our questions. We look forward to doing it again!
As far as some of Will’s insight goes, I now have a more clearer picture of where all of the above mentioned prospects may fall, and the chances of the Dolphins getting all of them. There are a couple of different scenarios that the Dolphins could use during the draft, such as drafting inside linebacker in the first round, then selecting outside linebacker in the 2nd. Or the Dolphins could switch those two positions around. It could get a little hectic in the Dolphins draft room, because they have so many quality players to pick from in rounds 1-3. It should be interesting.

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