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Day 2 of South Senior Bowl Practice Reports

(All information comes from Will Spencer’s DraftBreakdown.com)

Today was more of the same from yesterday for the South squad in practice.

Dexter McCluster again impressed, and showed off his breakaway speed today by burning elite cornerbacks in this years crop of seniors.

McCluster did line up at both running back and wide receiver, and it is interesting to try and predict where this electric kid will end up. McCluster can straight up play football, and I can almost guarantee you that he will gain at least 10 pounds working in an NFL lifting regimen this summer.

McCluster is the versatile, homerun threat that the Dolphins do not have. For one, I do not care about his size because Darren Sproles proved all of the doubters wrong when he dominated the playoffs last year.

Terrence Cody also showed some flashes today. Cody at times showed that there is no way that he can be blocked by only one person, and some times it will be hard to double-team him.

Cody is a beast of nature, and his stock may rise if he keeps dominating offensive lineman like he is. I would not be disappointed if the Dolphins made a move for him if he fell into the second round. If Cody shows that he can keep up his new work ethic, and shed some pounds, his stock will continue to rise even more.

Tim Tebow did not look to get any more comfortable taking the snap under center today than he did yesterday, and looked to be focused on something, perhaps fine tuning his mechanics.

The hoopla surrounding Tebow is now getting so bad that even North team member and Cincinnati wide receiver Mardy Gilyard came out and said in an interview with Will Spencer that he feels bad for all of the guys down on the South team that are getting overlooked because of all of the hype around Tebow.

Great, just what the Dolphins staff needs, hype surrounding one guy on the team, and everybody resenting him for it.

Let’s just hope the above sentence does not happen. This week could turn into a fiasco.


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