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  • Miami Dolphins 2010 Draft Picks

    * 28th - 1st Round- Jared Odrick
    * 40th- 2nd Round- Koa Misi
    * 73rd - 3rd Round- John Jerry
    * 119th - 4th Round-A.J. Edds
    * 145th - 5th Round-Nolan Carroll
    * 163rd - 5th Round-Reshad Jones
    * 212th - 7th Round-Chris McCoy
    * 252nd- 7th Round-Austin Spitler

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Draft Breakdown’s Draft Speculation

The Dolphins season has ended, and while some teams are still playing for that elusive Super Bowl trophy, most teams are at home studying tape from the past season, working on expiring contracts, signing “acorns”, and testing the trade waters with other teams.

But what may be one of the biggest challenges for a team is scouting the potential draft prospects that they think would fit into their system.

While most do not know, or really have a clue as to what the Dolphins might do in the draft, Playoff Bound Sports has gone on the offensive to try and create a list of players that the Dolphins will most likely dwindle their draft board down to over the upcoming months.

Playoff Bound Sports sat down with Will Spencer from Draft Breakdown to ask some questions on where the Dolphins may look to to enhance the Dolphins playoff hopes next year.

Brant Houghton: What position do you expect the Dolphins to target inthe first two rounds? And who do you see them grabbing with the 12th pick?

Will Spencer: I was a big surprised that the Dolphins played as poorly as they did this year and because of that, they’re picking #12 overall in the draft. Lucky for them, there’s a tremendous amount of talent available there. I think the two positions they’ll really target are wide receiver and pass rusher. There’s a possibility that Dez Bryant could be available at #12, but if he’s gone, there’s a lot of depth at pass rusher in the first round. Our latest mock has the Dolphins taking Derrick Morgan (DE – Georgia Tech) since Dez bryant is already off the board. If I’m Miami, I wouldn’t reach for another wide receiver with the 12th pick if Bryant is gone. Morgan will provide a great pass rush opposite Joey Porter, which is certainly a need since Jason Taylor has really slowed down with age. Morgan should be able to play 3-4 OLB and while he’ll have an adjustment period when it comes to coverage, his ability to rush the passer and stop the run is tops amoung DE/OLB prospects in the draft.
As for the second round, I’d look for them to go with a wide receiver there if they grab a pass rusher in round one. The next set of wide receivers after Bryant shouldn’t be selected until the end of round one or beginning of round two. With the depth of talent at the defensive line positions this draft, look for some of those wide receivers to fall a little bit. A guy like Brandon LaFell would be a solid 2nd round pick for Miami. LaFell has size and sure hands and while he’s not a burner, he’s not afraid to work the middle of the field. this would allow Ginn to play in the slot, where he’d be much more effective anyway.
BH: Who is your dark horse in the first round? Is there a possibility of C.J. Spiller?
WS: If I were to pick a dark horse selection for the dolphins in round 1, I’d look at someone like Jason Pierre-Paul of South Florida. Jason is a bit raw, but has unbelieveable skills as a pass rusher. I could very easily see the Dolphins, or another team, fall in love with Pierre-Paul and draft him a bit higher than expected.
As for Spiller, sure, there’s a CHANCE of Spiller, but I think it’s unlikely. Spiller has seen his stock rise throughout his senior season and will possibly go in the teens of round one. I don’t see Spiller as a need in Miami with a good return man (Ted Ginn) and two running backs that are already a solid duo (Brown and Williams). While Ronnie Brown is coming off a serious injury, he should be back and ready to go next season. If not, Williams should be able to carry the load until Brown is healthy. A top tier wide receiver is much more important for the Dolphins than another running back in their stable.
BH: Do you expect coaching the south team in the senior bowl will help the dolphins draft at all?
WS: Oh, without a doubt. Being able to coach in the Senior Bowl is an excellent way to get a close look at the top senior prospects from college football. If you look back at recent draft classes, the 49ers coached when Patrick Willis was the top linebacker in the country. Mike Singletary fell in love with Willis and they made him a 49er. There is so much talent at the Senior Bowl that having any extra advantage helps. Miami coaches will be able to see how players on their squad respond to coaching and how they adapt to certain changes made during practices and the game.
BH: If Tim tebow were to fall into the 3rd or 4th round, would the dolphins draft him? He would benefit the wildcat pretty good even with pat white on the team.
WS: Tebow would be great in a Wild Cat offense, but I’m not sure the Dolphins call his name on draft day….even if it’s in the 3rd or 4th round. MIami made a huge reach last year, taking Pat White in round two and it hasn’t worked out in their favor. White wasn’t able to make any kind of impact as a Wild Cat player and the pick is starting to look like a bust at this point. I don’t see Miami taking another player to play that role, unless they decided to play Tebow as an H-back or a tight end. I think Miami has more pressing needs that could be addressed, but I wouldn’t totally rule it out.
BH: What are your expectations on the dolphins draft an what  they are looking to do throughout the draft? Should we expect some trades at all?
WS: Bill Parcells has consistently drafted a certain style of player throughout his career. This is another reason the Pat White pick so was so surprising last year. I look for the Dolphins to draft a wide receiver and a pass rusher, and possibly look for some guys to play inside linebacker in later rounds. I think Miami has successfully addresssed the cornerback position by taking Vontae Davis and Sean Smith last season, but they could possibly look at a safety in the mid rounds of the draft.
Trades are about as hard to predict as you can imagine. I will say this, though. If Parcells sees a player that he really loves, he’ll go get him. I tend to think that you won’t see any shocking draft day trades, like moving up to the #2 pick or something like that. But moving around in the 2nd – 5th round area wouldn’t surprise me at all.
BH: Who are some players who would be good late round picks because of injuries or inconsistent play?
WS: There are a few late round guys that could really make a splash on an NFL roster. One guy I really like is Danario Alexander, the wide receiver from Missouri. He has outstanding size and soft hands, not to mention he led the nation in receiving in 2009. Alexander is lower on most draft boards because he has a history of knee injuries, but he certainly has the tools to succeed.
I’d also keep an eye on the running backs for later rounds. Guys like Charles Scott of LSU, Stafon Johnson of USC and LaGarrette Blount of Oregon all missed substantial playing time this season due to injury or in Blount’s case, suspension. All three of these backs could be solid complimentary backs in the right system.
We would like to thank Will for taking some time to sit down and hold this draft chat. The Dolphins will certainly have a lot to think about over the coming months, but we may be able to predict who they pick after we see some workouts by the prospects.

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  1. Did you see we fired our Defensive Coordinator?

  2. Do you think Jason Taylor will a Dolphin next year and why?

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