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Dolphins Vs. Texans Game Preview

This is the must win game that us Dolphins fans have been waiting for ever since the disgusting loss to the Tennessee Titans last week. This is our time for vengeance upon these Houston Texans, the team that we have not beaten since the Texans came into the league earlier in the decade. Overall the teams are about equal, but the Texans have a couple speed-bumps to throw at the Dolphins, and will be a fine test to see if the Dolphins really deserve to be called one of the six teams to represent the AFC in the playoffs.

3. Don’t Turn the Ball Over:

The past few weeks the Dolphins have shown that when they turn the ball over, they turn it over in mass amounts. Last week quarterback Chad Henne threw 3 interceptions, and Ricky Williams fumbled the ball once to seal the deal for the Dolphins.

The Dolphins literally handed the win over to the Titans, and when a team turns the ball over at such an amazing rate as the Dolphins have the past couple of weeks, that very same team is shooting themselves in the foot, and has to find alterior ways to win the game.

This problem can be solved by balancing out the run-pass game offensively.

Henne has been throwing the ball numerous more times than he has in his first few games as the Dolphins starter.

As many have noticed, Henne is not the most accurate passer in the world, and if you put the ball in his hands too many times, he will turn the ball over at least twice per game.

But if the Dolphins were to spread the love around, and hand the ball off more to Ricky, then maybe Henne does not throw as many passes, and thus, does not throw as many interceptions. This could very well solve the turnover problem as long as Ricky can hold on to the ball.

2. Stop Johnson:

The past couple of years Texans receiver Andre Johnson has burned the Dolphins numerous times. I do not know how the Dolphins pass defense will achieve this feat, but I do have a gut instinct that tells me that Johnson will not have a breakout game such as in years past.

With rookie Vontae Davis covering Johnson, look for Johnson to get frustrated early on by Davis’ physical style of play. While Johnson usually burns us in crunchtime, Davis usually bears down on his receivers after the first half.

So in breaking this two man game down, if Davis can suppress the Johnson aerial assault for the first half, then the Dolphins should come out of the game generally unfazed by Johnson. Johnson is mostly the game breaker that wins games for you in the 2nd half, and it also just so happens that the Dolphins are at their best these days in the 2nd half. It will be the battle of the crunch time warriors, and the winner of this bout will lead their team to victory.

1. Give Us Some Big Plays:

Part of the reason that the Dolphins find themselves down so often in the 1st half is because they do not have a big play offense.

The Dolphins have finally found their big play guys in Chad Henne, Ricky Williams, and Brian Hartline and the Dolphins fail to capitalize on them. Some screen passes to Ricky every now and then would be nice, and some deep slant routes to Hartline would be nice as well. Those two things are these guys specialties, and the Dolphins coaching staff fails to utilize these powers to their fullest extent.

Big plays will win this game, and the team with the most will not only win the game, but seemingly dominate it.

Final Score:

27-24 Dolphins


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