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Dolphins Vs. Titans Keys To Game

We enter the waning day of the week with that anxioty for time to just fast forward to Sunday, so we can watch some football.

After every game there is always the feeling of restlessness. You want Sunday to come almost as soon as the Dolphins game is over. Believe me, I know how it feels.

With Sunday vastly approaching, there are some rocks that need to be turned over. They are called the keys to the game. The Titans have some awesome weapons on their team, and they should be respected. That does not mean that the Dolphins will not get the win, and that does not mean that the Dolphins are outmatched. By no means are they a underdog in this game. In fact, they should be considered favorites for this game.

The Dolphins will gladly take the underdog role though for as long as they are given it. Despite their 6-0 record in December the past two years, they are thought upon to be the insuperior team almost every Sunday.

This week is no different, and the Dolphins are looking to make the Titans their 7th victim on their list of December slayings.

3.  007?:

One of the most effective ways that the Titans can disrupt the Dolphins defense, and take them out of their comfort zone is Vince Young being able to scramble around in the pocket to create seperation.

We all saw what mobile quarterbacks such as David Garrard and Ryan Fitzpatrick could do against our slow linebacking corps. With Young being one of the quickest quarterbacks in the league, we may have to keep spies on Young all day long.

Young could be the potential difference in this game, and the fact that he has some wheels does not help out the Dolphins defense one bit.

So the Dolphins are going to have to focus not only on the rest of the Titans offense, but the Titans mobile quarterback as well. Is this Sunday the game that the Dolphins turn into spy agents?

2. Exploiting the Defense:

The Dolphins were firing on all cylinders for a couple of games, then got pretty much shut down against the Jaguars defense last week.

This week is the game where the Dolphins emerge out of the depths, and gain some respect for their offense.

Believe it or not, after an amazing defensive year last year, the Titans are now hurting for a disruptive force such as Albert Haynesworth. The Dolphins should be able to get the Titans in the run game, and should look to utilize the play action. The Titans secondary is also weaker than expected this year, mostly due to injuries.

When this defense is hot, they are hard to stop, but if Chad Henne comes out rifling like he has the past couple of weeks, that would go a long ways to picking up this win.

The Dolphins are known for their run game, but what most do not know is that the Dolphins are a lot more balanced on offense than they would like to let on.

The coaching staff is now entrusting Henne with more responsibilities, thus trusting him to get the ball into tight spaces through the air.

With Henne throwing the ball all over the place, and Ricky Williams, and Lex Hilliard shoving the ball down the Titans throats,  the Dolphins should beat out the Titans in a close matchup.

1. Stopping the MVP:

The X-factor in the game will be how many momentum changing plays the Dolphins defense allows running back Chris Johnson accumulate.

Johnson will be the deciding factor in this game, and if the Dolphins can contain Johnson to 0 big gains, and only a little over 100 yards on the ground, I think the Dolphins stay in the game.

Johnson is a big part of what the Titans do on offense, so if the Dolphins can somehow stop Johnson, they force Young to pass, something he is not accustomed to doing all of the time.

Forcing Johnson out of his comfort zone will require the Dolphins jamming him on the line of scrimmage. Johnson is all about gaining that all important separation right at the line of scrimmage. If he can break a couple of tackles in the first few yards, Johnson will be gone, but if the Dolphins can stop him at the line, Johnson will not have as big of a chance at breaking a big one.

The reasoning behind this is that Johnson is more of a short strider, and while he is the fastest man in the NFL, he also tends to slow down after running for more than 30 yards. So if the Dolphins can jam Johnson on the line, and in the trenches, our defense should be golden.

Final Score Prediction:

27-24 Dolphins win.


One Response

  1. The good news though Brant, is that it looks like Vince Young will either be slowed or sidelined by an ankle injury he received last week.
    This could mean the Dolphins will be facing the old man from PSU, Kerry Collins.
    This would make them a little bit more one dimensional in the offense.
    Collins is probably a little more accurate with his passes, but Young has the arm strength and mobility.

    The biggest key to this game is if we can move the ball on offense, and if we can slow down Chris Johnson.
    It is a task in and of itself to stop him. The best way to stop his speed however, is to not let him even get past the line of scrimmage. This is something Miami does very well. Also, I am not about to call him the MVP… or the fastest man in the NFL for that matter.

    Sunday will tell.

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